Cassandra’s Fullmoon Party

We celebrated Baby C’s fullmoon on Thursday, 8th May, i.e. 1 day earlier so that koo koo (youngest sil) is able to attend as she had to fly back to Saipan the following day.

We had buffet dinner (maki, sushi, chicken curry, beef rendang, turmeric rice, fried rice, stir-fried mixed vege, tartlets, red eggs with pickled ginger, ang koo, cakes), satay and a whole roast lamb. 

You like the setting of the buffet dinner?  Some of you would have already known by now that hubby runs a catering company.  So if anyone of you is interested to have catering done at home or in your office, do give my hubby, Alan a call at 019-266 4297.  The name of his catering company is Catermate.

Sounds like a paid post eh?  Nope, it’s not…. I’m just killing 2 birds with 1 stone 🙂

Whole lamb and satay being prepared outside our house

Alycia, Sherilyn and Cassandra with koong koong (grandpa).

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Get The Queen Gem For The Gem Of Your Life

Ask any woman what she loves and she will tell you that she loves gems and jewelries.  Some love diamonds whilst others love pearls, the ‘queen gem’ that represents purity, happiness and success.  A pearl necklace is a timeless piece and can never go out of fashion.  It is indeed a classic jewelry and is an ideal gift to express one’s love. Pearl necklaces are an excellent addition to any clothes worn by a woman, whether it is an office suit, a dress or an evening gown.  Pearl is also the anniversary stone for the 1st, 12th and 30th years of marriage.

The history of pearls is interesting. According to an Arab legend, pearls began to exist when dew drops containing light from the moon fell into the sea and were swallowed by oysters.  Some people who believe in gemstone therapy believe that wearing pearl necklace can protect them from negative wavelengths while some let their young children wear pearl necklace for protection.  Others believe that wearing pearl necklace is a form of therapeutic quality.

Did you know that pearls do not only come in white color? There are also black pearls and pink pearls. The perfect place to shop for your genuine pearl jewelry and accessories is at  Whether you are looking for a pink pearl necklace, an Akoya pearl necklace, freshwater pearl necklace or a black pearl necklace in single or double strand, you can be rest assured that all the pearls sold at are guaranteed 100% genuine and are appraised by an IGI Graduate Gemologist. Every pearl is hand-picked and hand-knotted with care. That is what makes their pearls unique.

So if you are lost for ideas on what to get for the woman whom you love for mother’s day, her birthday, your wedding anniversary or just about any occasion, get her a genuine pearl necklace and it’s unlikely that you will go wrong with that elegant gift. This queen gem is truly the perfect gift for the gem of your life.

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Blinds That Liven Up A Place

Roller window shades

Choosing the right custom window treatments or blinds can really liven and lighten up a place. I remember working at an office that was facing a golf course and a lake with tastefully designed interior and furniture. Some of the things that impressed many of our clients were of course the view of our office and the roller window shades on the windows. The roller window shades were something new back then and most of our guests had not seen them before, including me when I first saw them. Being the PA to the big boss, I often proudly rolled up the window shades for his guests to enjoy the view from our office.

If you are looking for some good quality and unique blinds for your home or office, there’s no other place to shop for them than at, a company that has been selling blinds for over 10 years. They carry a wide selection of blinds ranging from roller shades, arches, pleated shades, cheap mini blinds, micro blinds, shade fabric, sheer shades, Roman shades, Cellular (honeycomb) shades and much more. One plus point that makes Shades Shutters Blinds stand out from the rest of the blinds companies is that they make their blinds from scratch, which allows them to provide outstanding lifetime warranties on their superior high quality blinds.  Do check out their website and you will really be impressed with their range of pretty shades.

Micro blinds

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