Baby C Only Wants Mummy’s Teats

I got so exhausted letting Baby C suckle my teats the whole day and night that I decided to give her the pacifier 2 days ago but know what?  When her lips touched the pacifier, she furrowed her eyebrows, then used her tongue to push out the pacifier and gave me an expression that said “this is not your teat teat mummy”.

I left the pacifier next to her and when she cried, I put the pacifier to her lips and the same thing happened…. she pushed the pacifier out with her tongue.

No baby, this is not mummy’s teats!

In the end, I gave up and pacified her instantaneously with my teats.  Looks like I am going to have very sore teats for the next few months or years…. but it’s ok…. mummy will do anything for you Cassie dear!

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