My Monday

I expected this to happen.   Telekom has yet to call my hubby to sign the contract for the change of name for our fixed phone line, thus I can still access Streamyx.  I wonder when they will call. 

Anyway, this morning, hubby brought Sherilyn to the dentist as her gum is a tad swollen and bleeding.  It appears that her molar tooth is sprouting out on her right gum.  The dentist prescribed her with some antibiotics for the swelling.  In the afternoon, we brought Baby C to the paed as the rashes on her face have become real bad.  The paed said she’s got eczema.  I was really upset to hear this coz eczema is linked to asthma and sinus problems and both Alycia and Sherilyn had eczema when they were infant.  Now, they are very prone to sinus problems, have sensitive nose and sensitive throat.  I hope Baby C will be spared from all these problems.  Anyway, the paed prescribed Baby C with a moisturizer and 2 types of cream to get rid of the eczema (shall get the name of the moisturizer and cream tomorrow). 

Baby C has been sleeping the whole day today.  She even slept through during the consultation with the paed.  I bet she will be wide awake tonight and wants to suckle my teats the whole night….. which means no sleep for me tonight!

Baby C is crying again.  It’s time for her milky session now. 

to be continued tomorrow with pix……… 

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Disney World In Orlando Is Still The Best

My sil in Hong Kong has been inviting us to travel to Hong Kong to visit her. She has even offered to give us a treat to Disneyland in Hong Kong. I must say Alycia and Sherilyn are really lucky to have such a good aunt who is ever willing to shower them with gifts. However, my friends who had been to the Disneyland in Hong Kong commented that this Disneyland is really small and is not as impressive as the Disney World in Orlando. So if I ever have a chance to visit Disney World, I would get some discount Disney World tickets from Orlando Fun Tickets and choose the one in Orlando.

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Blog Break

I will be unable to blog for 1-3 days from today.  That’s because hubby has applied for the name for our fixed phone line to be changed from his sister to his name.  And our Streamyx connection has to be disconnected to facilitate the change in name.  Can you beat that?  I just don’t understand why our government departments are always so inefficient.  They just don’t realize that the broadband disconnection for 3 days will bring about so much inconvenience to people like me who work from home. Maybe I should ask them to compensate me for my loss of income for 3 days.   I just don’t understand why on earth Telekom needs 1-3 working days to get this done.  It’s ok if the disconnection is for several hours but 1-3 days is to the extreme!  I will surely have blogging withdrawal symptoms for these few days of not being able to go online.  But maybe it’s a good time for me to rest and spend some time with my 3 gals.

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