Baby C’s Eczema Flared Up Face

See how blemished and red the eczema has caused my poor baby’s face.  The eczema is so bad that her cheeks feel rough and I bet it must be painful too.  She also has mild cradle cap on her scalp and eye brows.  I removed the cradle cap from her eye brows by rubbing the brows with baby oil on a cotton wool.  As for the cradle cap / dandruff on her scalp, I am confident it will resolve by itself without any treatment as this happened to both Alycia and Sherilyn too when they were infants.

Hubby and I brought Baby C to the paed’s office yesterday.   The dr. prescribed her with Aqueus (spelling?) moisturizer, Betamethasone cream to get rid of the eczema (this is a potent cream and can only be applied thinly for 5 days) and Hydrocortisone (another cream for eczema which is not so strong and is to be applied if the eczema flares up again). 

While I was waiting for my turn to see the dr, there were some aun-tees who were waiting outside the clinic.  They came over to see Baby C and commented how cute she is and they also commented that Baby C looks like a boy.  Oh well, I am quite blase about it coz almost everyone who saw her commented that she looks like a boy!   Anyway, these aun-tees gave me advices on using the natural way and non-medication way to treat the eczema.  Some recommended putting ‘sui fun’ (bits of fragrant rice powder made of fermented rice and screwpine leaves), Hazeline Snow cream and chilled overnight tea leaves on the affected part of the skin.  In the past, I had tried the ‘sui fun’ and Hazeline Snow cream for both Alycia and Sherilyn but nothing worked.  Over time, the eczema resolved by itself, though Alycia still has very mild eczema on her hands now.  I haven’t tried the overnight tea leaves yet but another aun-tee there told me not to apply this as some tea leaves may be bleached with brown coloring.  It’s really entertaining to hear all these aun-tees giving me all sorts of advises.

Anyway, Baby C’s cheeks are not so red and blemished today.  Hopefully it will be completely healed and will not flare up again.

Baby C who sweats easily loves wearing ‘hole-ly’ clothes as they are airy, cooling and comfy. Though they don’t look very nice, they are life-savers during the hot season. I hardly put on onesies on her anymore as the material is thick and causes more heat rash on her body. Even our paed recommends ‘hole-ly’ clothes for babies with heat rash. 

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