Biscuit-free For 1 Month

Alycia is very prone to getting throat infection and ulcers in her throat and inner lip. I suspect that these are caused by eating too much biscuits and crackers. Though she drinks plain water like a camel, she is still very susceptible to sore throat and ulcers in her mouth. I have a friend whose twin boys would fall sick each time they are fed biscuits at the daycare center. When they stopped eating biscuits, the fever stopped coming too. I am now trying to see if the biscuits and the crackers are the culprit. I am now on a 1-month biscuit-free drive for Alycia. While I am really determined to let her go cold turkey on biscuits and crackers, my mil doesn’t have the heart to see her beloved grand daughter cry pleading for biscuits….. and she always ends up secretly giving her biscuits and crackers. I guess most grandparents are like this, eh?
Anyway, to substitute biscuits and crackers, I now pack these in Alycia’s lunch box every morning :

Fried egg with organic cherry tomatoes

Mini croissants and pumpkin seeds

Grapes with Laughing Cow party cube cheese

Cakes (without cream)
Edamame beans

Hopefully this helps in keeping the throat infection and ulcers at bay.

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Investing In Gold

When I gave birth to Alycia 4.5 years ago, I received many gold jewelry gifts for Alycia from friends and relatives. This time, I have only received one gold jewelry gift for Baby C from hubby’s friend. The price of gold has been steadily increasing over the years. The price of gold is now around US$930 an ounce, can you beat that! I bet the gold jewelries kept in my safe deposit box in the bank are now worth many times the original amount it was bought at. So if you want to find something profitable to invest in now, go buy gold. Do check out if you want to buy gold coin to invest or to present as a gift to friends and loves ones.

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What’s She Up To?


Do you have any idea what Alycia is doing here? Alycia is stacking up her Crayola magic color pencils one on top of the other to see how long she can hold them straight up before it collapses. That’s how she entertains herself these days when I am too busy with Baby C.  Thankfully, she is quite independent now and can do most things by herself.

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I had a few surprises last week and this week. Last week, a man rang the doorbell of my house and asked if I was Shireen. Then, he said his colleague has a gift for my baby. When I opened the gift, I was really surprised to see that the lovely gift was from Hui Sia and Chooi Peng. A few days later, the postman rang my doorbell and said there was a registered mail for me. This mum who is pregnant with twins sent a gift for Baby C and me. The next day, I saw a courier van outside my house. There was a parcel couriered all the way from Kuching for me. I was thinking hard if I knew of anyone from Kuching and when I ripped the box open, I was pleasantly surprise that the gift was from Elina.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Hui Sia, Chooi Peng, Chin Nee and Elina. Also thanks to Physiomom for the lovely photo album and gifts for Alycia and Sherilyn. You busy mummies are so thoughtful to have sent me these gifts.

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Sightseeing In New York

My internet connection was disconnected on Tuesday. I was promised that the connection will be up again in 2-3 working days. However, on the second day, it was still not up yet. I was really fuming mad and called our Telekom every 3 hours to check on the status of my case. On the third day (Friday) when the internet connection was still not up, I was really boiling as I had assignments with deadline that was expiring on Saturday. I was later informed that the internet connection will only be up again the following Tuesday! I really flipped when I heard that and was cursing away on the phone.

Anyway, during the 7 days when I could not access the internet, I had a good time resting and watching the TV. The TV was switched on almost the whole day and I watched all my favorite sitcoms. I also had a good time daydreaming of a vacation after watching interesting travelogues on the Travel & Living channel. One of the travelogues featured New York City Sightseeing on CitySights NY double-decker buses. The travelogue featured these double-decker buses that bring tourists to breathtaking views of Manhattan’s attractions, World Trade Center (Ground Zero), Statue of Liberty, New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street, Broadway and many more points of interest during the bus tour. The tour of New York on the double-decker buses really seemed interesting. The travelogue also featured a fun-filled ride on a helicopter around Manhattan. I never knew there were so many interesting activities to do in New York. I wonder if I will ever have the chance to travel to New York or to any states in the U.S.

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Password Vault

You are rushing to complete a project for a client with a deadline that is due today. In your haste, you have forgotten the password to log in to your computer or to your document. You have got a long list of passwords for all your documents, web sites and bank accounts and suddenly, your mind goes blank and you just can’t remember the password. Does this sound familiar to you? I am sure this had happened to you before. To prevent this from recurring, get a password vault from Symark and you will never have to forget a password again. A password vault allows you to keep a database of all your program, web site, document, bank account and other passwords systematically and securely.

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Bringing Baby C To Work

I have no choice but to bring Baby C along to hub’s office to work yesterday and today….. and I brought her bouncinet along.  What a life-saver the bouncinet is.  As I am typing this, she is fast asleep in her bouncinet….and my left leg is bouncing the net!  I have just nursed her and she is now back to sleep.  Yesterday, she wouldn’t want to sleep and kept whining, tossing and turning on the bouncinet and I had to cradle her with my left hand and type using my right hand.

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No Time To Blog Hop

I have not been blog hopping for almost 1 week now.  I really miss reading the updates in your blog.  Sorry my dear friends if I have not visited your blog.   Stupid Streamyx is still down… talking about it makes my blood boil.  I am now at my hub’s office…. and I can only afford to steal 2 hours to complete all my outstanding assignments.

I was told by our efficient Telekom staffers that my internet connection will only be up by Tuesday next week.  Now, I don’t believe a word they say.  I’ll just wait and see.  Maybe I should just fax a letter to their higher management to complain. 

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VoIP Phone Systems

Ever since I left my hometown to come to KL to study and subsequently to work 18 years ago, my mum has been calling me almost everyday. Most of the time, she’s the one who makes the call and pays the phone bill. She also calls my brother who lives in Singapore very regularly. I must say I am very lucky to have such a dedicated and caring mum. She spends a fortune on her phone bill every month. If I were to calculate the total amount she had spent on her phone bill all these years, I think the amount would be enough to buy a car. I think I should get us each the Nimbus  VoIP phone systems  for our homes. Though this phone system is quite costly, you will be amazed to know that there is free dialing from one Nimbus VoIP phone to another Nimbus VoIP phone in the world and unlimited US calling! This will definitely save us tons of money in the long run.

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Blogging Marathon

Phew….. I can now finally breathe a sign of relief.  I can’t believe I have finally completed 18 assignments in 2 days!  That’s the reason why I feel my brain can always perform better under stress.  With just 2 hours that I manage to steal yesterday and today to work at hubby’s office, I managed to complete all the assignments.   Now, I have to slot in the personal posts in between the paid posts. 

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I Love Kai Jau

This is the ‘kai jau’ (chicken cooked with ginger wine and rice wine) that my hubby’s aunt cooked on Baby C’s fullmoon party last week.  She cooked so much that there was so much leftover.  After my confinement lady left on Friday last week,  I ate that ‘kai jau’ for 4 days in a row!  But if you ask me if I am already fed up of eating ‘kai jau’, my answer is NO.  In fact, I don’t mind eating it everyday and I prefer it cooked with ‘mui yoke’ (lean pork slices).  Unfortunately, my body cannot tolerate the heatiness and my throat feels a tad sore, my voice a tad hoarse and my body feels hot all the time.

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Options Trading For Me?

Earning money from writing paid posts ain’t easy at all. Well, maybe it would be easier if only I had more time to do it everyday. With 3 kids to handle all by myself, I find that I have not much time to spend on the computer. My friend was suggesting that I give up writing paid posts and instead, find other ways of earning my moolah. She suggested options trading since she is reaping quite a handsome profit from this trade. I told her that I know nothing about options trading but she told me that it is even easier than writing paid posts with the help of special software like the ones from PowerOptions®. Well, maybe I should give it a try. No risk no gain, yes?

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