Our Wesak Day Outing

After lunch at Duck King Restaurant at Jaya One on Wesak Day, Alycia and Sherilyn had a whale of their time watching a handsome kor kor sculpture balloons for them. Sherilyn was speechless and on cloud nine when the handsome kor kor gave her a huge and elaborate sculptured balloon which was meant for display at the end of the balloon sculpture session. The handsome kor kor was closing the balloon sculpting session to prepare for the next session, which was a puppet show. She could not believe her eyes when the handsome kor kor gave her the big big balloon. Out of the scores of kids there, the handsome kor kor gave her the big big balloon! When she held the big big ballon, everyone could see how elated and proud she was. That big big balloon really made her day… and mine too, coz she was really happy and was in a real good mood for the rest of the day! No whining and no crying = no headache for mummy!

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