Salted Egg and Custard Bun

This steamed salted egg and custard bun from daddy’s favorite Duck King Restaurant is simply the best. It’s so delicious that I put aside the thought of my bulging baby belly and ate 2 of these buns at one go! The bun is generously filled with piping hot custard and melted salted egg.

A note of caution – be really careful when you bite into this bun when it’s freshly steamed and piping hot coz the filling will ooze out and will burn your lips and tongue.

Alycia relishing the bun.

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Guess What This Is?


Guess what this is? This is the appetizer served at Duck King Restaurant at Jaya 1, PJ. I bet no one can guess what this appetizer is, even after tasting it. Initially, I thought it tasted a tad like deep fried anchovies. The taste and texture are quite unique and it is really difficult to discern if it is a meat, a fish or a vege. It’s actually made of duck meat and deep fried with a special coating of flour mixture with curry powder.

Verdict – a very delicious and unique appetizer. Everyone loved it, especially Sherilyn.

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Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is round the corner. Last year, my brothers and I went back to our hometown to our parents’ home and brought our dad out for a sumptuous dinner at a Chinese restaurant. This year, we will most likely be unable to do that as my brother will be traveling overseas and it would be inconvenient for me to travel long distance with a newborn baby. I will most probably send my dad a card and a check. My dad is a very practical man, so I think a check will be the most appropriate gift for him.

What are you planning to get your dad for Father’s Day this year? If you are lost for ideas, let me give you some suggestions. You could get him a shirt, a tie, a bottle of cologne, cuff links, chocolates, a watch or even some US Mint Coins from Shop CSNTV. I am sure your dad will be very touched to receive a gift from you on Father’s Day.

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