Baby C’s 6th Week Vaccination

Yesterday, I brought Baby C to the paed’s office for her 6th week vaccination, which is a DTaP, Hib, Hepatitis B and Polio jab combo. I also went for my 6th week check-up with my gynae and did a pap smear which hurt like hell. Of course Baby C wailed when the needle was poked into her upper thigh and my heart cried out for her too.

After the jab, she has been sleeping continuously from yesterday afternoon till now. She appeared listless but no fever. She did not cry for my teat teats or milk which got me really worried. Even when I brought her mouth to my teat, she did not want to open her mouth. However, I managed to force feed her a few times and she did suckle for a while and she did poo poo too. Boy, I am just so worried for her now. I can’t remember Alycia and Sher acting like this previously after their jabs.

Any parents here whose child also acted like this after his/her jab?

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