Alycia and Sherilyn’s First Outing To Zoo Negara

Yesterday was the 8th wedding annniversary of hubby and I.  But instead of bringing me out for the day, he brought Alycia, Sherilyn and mah mah to the zoo.  Since it’s the school holidays, daddy jumped at the opportunity to bring them to the zoo as he had promised them too many times of bringing them to the zoo.  As usual, I had to stay home with Baby C as she was feeling a little under the weather after her jab.   I was a tad disappointed that Baby C and I are left out in quite a number of outings now, especially to non-baby-friendly places.  Anyway, luckily hubby ‘sake do’ and bought me a slice of chocolate moose cake with meringue, macademia and pecan nuts from Alexis Bistro.  He also brought us all out for dinner at my favorite Seoul Korea restaurant for a sumptuous dinner. 

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