They Love Eating With Chopsticks

Alycia and Sherilyn now have a new craze, that is to eat with chopsticks.  They have been really influenced by their mah mah who eats rice with chopsticks in a china bowl all the time.  Now, they only want to eat rice and noodles with chopsticks from a china / ceramic bowl too….. and I tell you they are really adept with using the chopsticks while holding the bowl simultaneously.

Sherilyn who used to eat only bread and noodles for dinner and lunch has taken on a liking to eat rice and a little meat, on condition that she eats with a pair of chopsticks in a china bowl. 

In this picture, it was Sherilyn’s first attempt of eating rice with a pair of chopsticks.  We put the rice in an Ikea plastic bowl for fear that she might drop the china bowl as she tends to have butter fingers and is very clumsy, unlike che che who is quite careful and independent.  But the next day, Sherilyn demanded to have her rice in a china bowl too, just like che che Alycia.  Whatever che che does or has, she has to do it or have it too. *slaps forehead*

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