Our Sunday

After church today, we went to Lemon Garden Coffee House @ Shangri-La Hotel for a buffet lunch.  After abstaining from sashimi for 10.5 months, I finally got to indulge in sashimi today – fresh raw salmon and abalone.  Boy I tell you, they tasted really really good but I dared not gorge too much on raw stuff as I am breastfeeding.  You think it’s safe for a nursing mum to eat raw stuff?  I kept sucking the juice from wedges of fresh lemon throughout lunch as lemon juice is known to kill bacteria.

I also indulged in some carbo-laden grub…. pizzas (I only ate the toppings minus the crust) and pastas.  Ate lots of protein though…. raw salmon, grilled salmon, roast quail and  ate salad like a cow.   I also gorged on a few bites of mini pralines, cheese cake, tiramisu and 4 scoops of ice-creams (banana yoghurt, black sesame, green tea and strawberry flavor) which tasted heavenly.  Dared not really have a big tuck-in.  But I tell you, breastfeeding is fantastic.  In less than an hour later, I felt hungry again!  Breastfeeding can really burn calories… it’s like working out at the gym without going to the gym.  But I still need to get rid of my bulging baby belly.  I am planning another trip to The Baby Loft shop to buy the tummy tucker (akin to the Malay benkung) next week.  Just can’t stand the sight of my belly protruding slightly in my spaghetti strap top today…. which made me look like an ah soh.

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