Updates On Baby C

I am back home for a short while to take a shower and to pack my breast pump and other stuff.

Baby C’s fever went up to 39.3 degrees Celsius at 4am today.  The nurses stripped her down and sponged her…. and she wailed her lungs out.  They asked me not to put on the long sleeved rompers on her as the heat is all trapped inside.  Instead, they put on the hospital scrubs on her which was really thin and airy.  Her fever just wouldnt go down and the dr also couldn’t find a vein on her hand, thus could not insert the IV into her hand.  Feeding her medicine is quite tough as she would spit the med out and puke.  Hopefully the dr can locate the vein later.  Antibiotics and medication fed thru the tube is much easier and recovery is faster too.

BTW Bb C has UTI and could be having Kidney Reflux too.  She has a dilated right kidney (since in-utero).  She has to undergo another test in a couple of months to rule out KR.  She has to be sedated too to do the test 🙁  My heart is totally crushed seeing how BB C is suffering.  Seeing her refuse my teat teats and refuse to nurse breaks my heart further.  

Her hand was poked twice yesterday (but Dr couldn’t find the vein) and leg poked once to draw out blood. It was really a big hurdle to collect urine from the urine bag attached outside the 2 labia for a culture on BB C’s urine.  It was only successful on the 4th & 5th attempt (need 2 cultures). I have to face another hurdle tomorrow when her urine has to be collected to be cultured again.  This is really like a long long nightmare that just wouldnt end.   Please continue to pray that BB C will recover fast and does not have KR coz if she has KR, she has to be on antibiotics up to 7 yo.

Gotta return to the hospital now…. 

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