Updates On Baby C (Day 3)

I am back home to bathe and to pack some stuff again.  Finally this morning, the paed managed to find a vein on the back of BB C’s left palm.  As expected, BB C wailed her lungs out when the needle was poked into her hand.  My heart bled too seeing her tiny hand being poked and the dr. had to insert a small pump/valve and squeeze her hand tightly to draw out the blood, drop by drop…. to collect 3 small bottles of blood.  The blood results were just out and the white blood cells are still quite high, thus she is to continue the antibiotics, given via the UV line.

BB C needs the antibiotics for 7 days but the dr. has given me permission to take home leave to go home.  However, I need to bring BB C back to the hospital for the nurses to inject the antibiotics thru the IV line 3 times a day. 

One of my readers told me that I can avoid having BB C go thru the test (where a dye will be injected thru her urether) to rule out Kidney Reflux.  However, there will be tedious procedures where I will need to bring BB C to the hospital very frequently for her urine to be cultured.  I hope I can choose this option instead of having to risk BB C doing the test as she will be sedated.  I never want to see BB C sedated as she is just so small and fragile.  We will also be consulting a pediatric Nephrologist for a second opinion. 

Please continue to pray that BB C does not have Kidney Reflux.  Miracles do happen.  It has happened many times to me in the past.  When Alycia was diagnosed as having Hip Dysplasia when she was just 6 mths old, my world was suddenly crushed too.  After 3 months of non-invasive and non-medical treatment, her hips condition finally resolved by itself.  I am praying hard that another miracle will happen and that BB C does not need surgery / invasive medical treatments to get treated.

Will post my updates tomorrow. Time to return to the hospital now to nurse BB C and hopefully, she has peed into the urine bag.

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