Baby C With The IV Line On Her Hand

That’s BB C on the 3rd day of her stay in the hospital. The dr finally managed to find a vein in the morning and inserted the IV line to the back of her palm. It was really heart-wrenching to see her being ‘tortured’ like that. Her cries really broke my heart into pieces.

With such a big bandage on her hand, breastfeeding her is quite a challenge now. Yesterday, I accidentally squeezed the affected hand and she wailed out in pain. Last night, she put the bandage to her mouth and licked it. She also puked on the bandage this morning, which I have gotten it changed by the nurse.

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Updates On Baby C (Day 4)… Back Home Finally

We are finally back home but not discharged from the hospital just yet. I have to bring BB C back to the hospital 3 times a day for her antibiotics jabs (at 9am, 4pm and 11pm). The dr. has given us home leave, which means that we still have to pay for the room for the next 5-7 days for the jabs, after which she will be on oral antibiotics at home.  The IV line is still inserted into the back of her palm for purpose of administering the jabs and to draw out blood.

The initial urine test results were out this morning and it showed that the WBC (white blood cells) are down from ‘uncountable’ to only 2…. which means that the infection is almost cleared.  The urine culture results will be out later as it takes between 3-4 days for each culture to be complete.  As soon as BB C’s UTI has cleared, we plan to bring her to a pediatric Nephrologist for further consultation / tests.  This looks like a long and tedious battle and I just hope that BB C’s right kidney is free from scarring and damage.  The paed said that looking at the ultrasond scan, the kidneys do not look that bad. The paed also mentioned that BB C will most likely have to be on a mild course of antibiotics for 7 years  (coz the kidney stops growing after 7 years) to prevent the kidney from scarring. 

More tests would have to be carried out to see if BB C has Kidney Reflux and to see if her kidney is free from damage or not. These tests will be carried out if the pediatric Nephrologist deems them necessary, which I hope he will say that they are not necessary.

That’s Baby C on the first day. When her body temperature touched 39.3 degrees Celsius at 4am, the nurses stripped her and sponged her. I was also not allowed to put long sleeved rompers / pjs on her. She wore the hospital gown.

That’s BB C on the 3rd day, when the fever came down.

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