Updates on Baby C (Day 6)

Last night when we brought Baby C to the hospital for the antibiotics jab, the nurses told us that the dr. has given them the green light to remove the IV line from Baby C’s hand.  I was really happy to hear that as Baby C does not have to be in pain anymore.  I can also nurse her freely and bath times are not tough anymore.  However, feeding Baby C the antibiotics is yet another tall order that I have to grapple with.

This morning, we brought her to the hospital as the paed wanted to see her before we are officially discharged from the hospital.  The nurses and I also fed her the antibiotics in our room.  We split the feeding into 3 and it took us more than an hour to complete feeding her 3ml of antibiotics.  At one point, she was almost on the verge of puking and I prayed so hard that she wouldn’t puke coz if she pukes, we have to start all over again.  Feeding her the antibiotics requires a LOT of patience and I have never been so patient with anyone than with Baby C.  She was really cranky this morning and cried non-stop.  I had to let her suckle my breast first, then the nurse squirted the antibiotics into her mouth drop by drop.  When she tried to spit out, I pinched her nose gently (the nurses taught me this technique as pinching the nose would cause the baby to swallow in reflex).  When she wailed out in defiance, I hugged her, kissed her forehead and put her mouth to my breast again and let her suckle for 5 minutes before the nurse squirted the antibiotics into her mouth again.  The whole process was repeated many times until she finished swallowing the antibiotics.  This is really tedious and time-consuming and whether I like it or not, I have to deal with this for several years.  Hopefully, over time, Baby C would have acquired the liking for antibiotics and would not reject it anymore.

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