Baby C In An Oversized T-Shirt

When the IV line was still inserted into Baby C’s hand, there was a big bandage covering the line.  I could not put on her regular clothing on her, except for singlets.  Since she could not wear her jammies, I had to wear her with Sherilyn’s Mothercare t-shirts for ages 2-3 (as seen in this pic).   I also had to wrap up the bandage with a hanky as she kept chewing on the bandage and rubbing her face with the bandage. 

Luckily the IV line was removed 2 days ago and thank God there was no bruise or infection on the area that she was poked.  A friend of mine who had an IV line on his hand got the area infected and was down with fever.  Getting the IV line area infected is not uncommon in patients. 

Having the IV line poked in your hand is really no laughing matter and is extremely uncomfortable and painful. I pray that Baby C and my 2 other gals will never have to experience this again. It is indeed a very traumatic and painful time for a young child to go through days with a needle stuck in the hand.

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