Missing Alycia and Sherilyn

During my recent stay in the hospital, I really missed Alycia and Sherilyn. Though I was granted home leave for a couple of hours almost everyday, I still missed them very much whenever I was back at the hospital. Maybe it’s because I was bored to the core in the hospital. There was no TV or radio in the room that I stayed in, (though the room is not cheap) which was a children’s ward. There was totally no entertainment for me (I missed my computer and blogging so much), save for the newspapers.

Remember I wrote in one of my earlier posts that Sherilyn’s disobedience and rebellion are driving me crazy and I even had some resentment towards her? Well, during my stay in the hospital, I missed her a lot. Guess I am so used to 2 boisterous and hyperactive toddlers that I just couldn’t get used to quietness and solitary. Each day when I was back home during my 1-2 hours of home leave from the hospital, I would hug and kiss Alycia and Sherilyn like I had not seen them for ages.  Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

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