Our Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are always a rush for me. No matter how early I wake up, we still end up arriving at the church late…. shame on me!  Something always crops up on Sunday mornings…. either Alycia or Sherilyn will puke during breakfast, either one of the gals will have a temper tantrum and refuse to cooperate with me or daddy will wake up late!  Must be the work of the devil!! 

However, on some Sunday mornings, daddy will wake up early and help me with the gals.  After I had showered Alycia and Sherilyn, he will dress them up and blow dry their hair…. saloon style and the gals just love it…. as seen in the pix here.

If only daddy would help me with the gals more often, life would be more peaceful for me. It’s really no joke having to manage 2 hyperactive toddlers and a 2-month old baby all by yourself.  It’s back-breaking, heart-breaking (when the 2 older gals refuse to listen to what I say), blood boiling and now I even have dizzy spells when Sherilyn (my super tough nut) rebels against me!

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