Baby C Is Besotted With Sher’s Hickory Dickory Clock

Daddy bought this toy clock for Sherilyn when she was 10 months old. There is music in the tune of ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ after the clock is being wound up and both the hands in the clock will move with a ticking sound.

When Baby C cried non-stop 2 weeks ago, Daddy dug out the old clock from Aly and Sher’s toys cabinet and wound up the clock. When Baby C heard the soothing soft music and the ticking of the clock, she stopped crying and stared at the clock as the hands were moving. Since then, she has been besotted with this clock and I will use this clock to babysit her whenever I need to take a quick shower or poo (no more than 5 mins coz the music will stop after 5 mins!).

Baby C’s eyes were fixated at the clock here. Sometimes, she will even try to touch and ‘talk’ to the clock and she looked soooo cute whilst at it.

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I Wish There Was A Natural Way To Treat Kidney Reflux

This morning, my heart broke into pieces again when I saw how hard Baby C puked, till her face became all red. She just hates the antibiotics. Not only does it taste awful, the cold and gooey liquid is a shock to her when it touches her mouth and throat.  Poor baby, I wish there was a natural way to treat the kidney reflux, instead of antibiotics. Some of my friends recommended cactus juice, some recommended the liquid from lava and some recommended kava kava, a herbal supplement which is known as the Pacific elixir. Well, I wish I could feed her with these stuff instead of antibiotics. Dear Lord, please help me to find a more natural way to treat my poor baby and I wish I can stop force feeding her with antibiotics once and for all.

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