Training Alycia and Sherilyn To Be Real Chinese

We are pure Chinese but many things that we do make us look ‘un-Chinese’, like I speak to the gals in English all the time, the gals and I only watch TV programs from the English channels, we eat with fork and spoon most of the time and we enjoy eating Western food.

Whenever my mil is back, she will practise Chinese with the gals – she speaks to them in Mandarin and she trains them to eat with a bowl and chopsticks. Now, both the gals can converse in Mandarin quite fluently (especially Alycia) and they can even eat like a Chinese like a pro as seen in the pix here.

And not once have Alycia and Sherilyn dropped the China bowl *knock on wood*!

That’s my plate – I still eat with fork and spoon. I waste no time and always read the newspapers during mealtimes and there’s always a cane next to me (to threaten Sherilyn my tough nut), haha!

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I Need A Break

I have been missing many family outings lately. Today, hubby and mil brought Alycia and Sherilyn to the shopping mall but I had to stay home with Baby C. Life has been quite miserable for me lately and I feel as if I’m being locked up in a home prison. The only place that I have been going to for the past 2 weeks is the hospital. That’s one of the sacrifices of being a mother. Our pediatrician has advised us to avoid bringing Baby C to crowded places as her immune system could be a tad weak from all the antibiotics that she’s been taking. I told hubby that when Baby C has recovered from this illness, we should all go for a vacation.

One of my dream vacations is renting a holiday home in the beautiful countryside of France. I’ve seen from travelogues how beautiful the French countryside is.  Among the many beautiful places to visit in France is Morbihan, Orne and Perigord Pourpre. Self catering rentals in Morbihan is very popular.  Morbihan is well known for its beautiful beaches with such activities as boat trips on the Gulf of Morbihan, fishing, sailing, nature trips, bird watching and diving.

I can also consider renting one of the many family friendly holiday gites in Orne. Many tourists go to Orne to find tranquility and unwind from the stress of their daily lives and return home refreshed. Hubby may also wish to get a private chateaux to rent in Perigord Pourpre, one of France’s leading holiday destinations. He will surely be mesmerized by the best of the French scenery and colorful markets.

Hopefully by God’s grace, Baby C will soon recover and my dream of having a family vacation will materialize.

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