Dirty Cat

I’m such a clean freak but unfortunately Alycia and Sherilyn are not. I can’t stand a speck of dust in my room, absolutely abhor dirty and stinky loos and I can’t stand dirty and oily hands.  But not Alycia and Sherilyn, especially Sherilyn.  Sherilyn loves to eat with her fingers…. and despite me telling her not to scratch her head and wipe her dirty hands on her clothes repeatedly, she never ever once listens.  That’s one of the reasons why I need to place a cane on the dining table. Another reason for the cane is that Sherilyn has a habit of getting up and down the chair and roam about in the house, playing with her toys with her oily hands, touching Baby C with her dirty hands and dropping bits and pieces of food everywhere in the house.  Once Baby C’s cheeks smelled of fish curry and I was fuming mad when I found out that she played with Kakak’s food, then touched Baby C’s cheeks with her curry smeard fingers…. aargh!!  Of all people, she has to touch Baby C’s eczema face!

Here, Sherilyn was eating a slice of multi-grain bread, slathered with slabs of black sesame paste and organic almond butter.

And this brat has a habit of digging the jam and black sesame paste and what not that’s spread on her toast / sandwich with her fingers.

Then, she will scratch her head with both her hands and then wipes her hands on her clothes… which will send me hollering away….. “STOP scratching your head Sherilyn…. STOP wiping your hands on your clothes… DON’T touch the chair with your dirty hands…. DON’T touch baby with your oily hands…..”

And then, poor Kakak will have to rinse away the stubborn black sesame paste from her clothes before dumping them into the washing machine.  And I will have a back-breaking time trying to wash away the black sesame paste off from under her fingernails. Next time, I should get a nail brush to brush off those paste and what not dirt from her finger nails!

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