Another Thumb Sucker

Looks like Baby C is another thumb sucker, taking after Sherilyn. Sherilyn is still a thumb sucker up until now, at 3 years 4 months of age. Baby C has been sucking her fist for the past few days and yesterday, she had finally discovered that her thumb tasted better than the entire fist….

Catch Baby C in her new cloth diapers here.

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A Month Of Weddings

The month of June is always a good month to tie the knot. Last month, I attended three wedding dinners. I have never attended so many wedding dinners in a month in my life than last month. And hubby of course burnt a big hole in his pocket. Of the three wedding dinners, I liked my cousin’s wedding best. That was one of the most well-planned and romantic weddings I have ever attended. The vows exchanging ceremony was held at a lake-side in a 5-star hotel and the dinner was really grand. The bride and groom entertained their guests by crooning several romantic hits. They then waltzed on the dancing floor and kissed!  At the end of the wedding, all the guests received some  personalized wedding favors that were very unique and pretty.  My cousin and her handsome hubby, who is a doctor, left all the guests in complete awe with their charm and of course with the pretty wedding favors.

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