Poor Baby C Has The Sniffles And A Stuffy Nose

My poor Baby C has a really stuffy nose, which makes nursing extremely difficult for me and uncomfortable for her. Try pinching both your nose and drinking at the same time… it feels terribly uncomfortable right? That’s just how she feels and she has to unlatch to catch her breath whenever I nurse her.

The Tonimer Baby spray (isotonic sterile seawater spray) which our paed prescribed cannot really bring her total relief. 

So at 10pm last night, hubby went to Jaya Jusco after his session at the gym to buy a nasal aspirator.  Luckily Jaya Jusco was not closed yet.  The nasal aspirator was quite helpful, though I had to pump many times to successfully aspirate the mucous out from her nostrils.

Poor Baby C is really cranky and wants to be carried the whole day.  I am going bonkers!

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Cheapest Ever

I have not gone to a government hospital for aeons. The last time I went to a government hospital was about 30 years ago when my mum brought me to a government dentist to have my tooth extracted. Today, hubby and I brought Baby C to a government hospital to consult the pediatric nephrologist. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the total bill came up to only thirty ringgit, out of which the medicine cost a mere RM1.50! Wow, that was the cheapest ever medical bill hubby had paid for the kids. Though we had to wait for hours for our turn, it was worth the wait. That’s one of our austerity drive to lead a frugal living in view of the recent fuel hike. On another matter, if you want to get the cheapest ever Toyota Radiator or radiator for any brands of vehicle, go check out radiators.com.

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Professional Nannies For Hire

Before I gave up my job as PA to a Dato’, a job that I really loved, I was dreaming to be a SAHM and I envied my friends who were SAHMs. I missed my kids terribly each day when I was in the office. However, I realized that life as a SAHM is not a bed of roses and that the grass is indeed not greener on the other side. Within 3 months of being a full time SAHM, I felt really restless and wanted to return to the corporate world. My mum said that I am just not cut out to be a full-time housewife as I lack the patience, a virtue which is important in order to be a good SAHM. I know that there is just no solution to my problem if I wanted to return to the workforce. I needed to find a nanny whom I can really trust to leave my 3 precious angels in her care and I just could not find that nanny.

If only there were companies here that I could hire professional nannies from like the Elite Nanny Canada from elitecarecanada.com, I would surely return to the workforce, with a peace of mind knowing that my kids are in good hands. Parents in Canada are very lucky that they have access to such professional nannies who are also affordable. All the nannies from Elite Care Canada have at least one year working experience as a nanny or a half-year full time training course in this area.

If only there were such companies here in our country that can provide affordable yet professional nanny service like Elite Care Canada, I am sure many mothers like me would be happy to return to the workforce. Prices of most things have now increased. An additional income to the household would definitely make life more comfortable for everyone in the family.


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Sherilyn, My Little Vain Pot

Several nights ago after I had brushed Sherilyn’s teeth and put her on her jammies, she insisted that she wants to wear her pink hair clip to bed. Knowing that she will throw into a fits of rage if her request wasn’t met, I took her pink hair clip out from her Princess hair accessories box and clipped it on her hair. That little vain pot even demanded that she wanted her hair parted on the left and she swept all her hair to her right and asked me to put the clip on the left side. After that, she ran to the wall mirror. Guess what she did? She began posing like a professional model and put on different smiles and facial expressions! My goodness, she was really good and mind you, I have never taught her to pose or smile so vainly though I do admit that I am also a vain pot and am very fastidious when it comes to selecting my choice of clothes. My maid and I burst out laughing looking at how good Sherilyn was posing away.  I would’t be surprised if Sherilyn tells me that she would like to go to a beauty school when she grows up.

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