Sherilyn Has Mandarin Homework Too!

And she’s only in the class for 3-year olds. I was shocked when I saw these 2 books in her school bag the other day. The teacher wrote ‘Revision’ on one of the books and expected the parent to coach the kids at home.  I am fortunate that my mil is still around to help me coach Alycia and Sherilyn in their Mandarin homework.  When she goes back to HK or NZ, it will be the blind leading the blind for I know very little Mandarin words. 

Sherilyn has no problem tracing the word ‘yuet’ or moon in Mandarin (pic above).  When it comes to word recognition, she hasn’t the slightest clue…. and the same goes for this yellow banana mummy.

Don’t you think that this book is a tad too tough for 3-year olds?

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A Shampoo For Dry And Chemically Treated Hair

These days, my hair is always tied up in a pony tail. That’s because my hair always strays everywhere and I just don’t have the time to blow it dry and have it carefully coiffeured. With 2 hyper active toddlers and 1 demanding baby, I need to have a hair style that does not need any blow drying to put it in place neatly. My friends commented that I look more elegant when my hair was rebonded and slightly colored. I am planning to do another hair rebonding, most likely a digital rebonding this time. With my hair perpetually straightened after the rebonding, I don’t even need to comb my hair when I get out from bed! This time, I better find a hair salon that uses a good quality chemical to rebond my hair. The last time I did a hair rebonding, flaky dandruff shed from my scalp. Not only did the chemical cause dryness to my scalp, my hair was also dry, stiff and got badly entangled after each wash. The entanglement was so bad that I could not even comb my hair when it was still wet. I had to wait till my hair was all air dried before I could comb it. The owner of another hair salon that I went to the other day told me that I should have used a very mild and moisture-rich shampoo to detangle my hair.

A friend of mine told me that she has tried an ultra-mild and moisture rich shampoo that contains Avocado oil and Nettle extract called Bumble and Bumble Gentle Shampoo. This shampoo  is specially formulated for chemically treated and chronically parched hair, i.e. hair that is fragile and has been permed, colored, rebonded and overstyled. It helps keep the hair soft, healthy, strong and luscious with the wholesome and rich oil of one of nature’s best food – the avocado. She told me that the Bumble and Bumble Gentle Shampoo is currently on sale at I’m going to get a bottle of this shampoo before I make a trip to the hair salon for my hair rebonding!

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Half A Year Has Gone

I just realized that today is 30th June, which means that exactly half a year has flown passed us, in what seemed like a blink of an eye.  I remember very vividly ushering in the new year and celebrating the New Year’s Eve at Pavillion and staying a night at Sheraton Imperial Hotel with hubby, Alycia, Sherilyn and Su (my previous maid).  We had a great view of the spectacular fireworks  set out at the Merdeka Square and KLCC at 12 midnight from our hotel room.  I was 6 months+ preggers then.  Now, here I am with another baby, who is 2 months+ and half a year has gone.  Time really flies and without realizing it, I will be ushering in another new year.  My New Year Resolution is still not achieved yet and today, I realized that I have to set my mind to work towards it.

What about you?  Have you met your New Year Resolution yet? 

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Getting Married In The Seventh Month Of The Chinese Calendar

The Chinese have a taboo of getting married in the seventh  month of the Chinese calendar (which would be the month of August in the English calendar) as that month is believed to be the month of ‘hungry ghost’. Thus, many love birds who are eager to get married would normally rush to tie the knot in the months of June and July.  However, my cousin who is a Christian does not believe in such a taboo and she’ll be getting married in the seventh Chinese month. She called me the other day for Wedding Ideas and told me that the Chinese restaurant that she has booked for the dinner has given her a 30% discount! Most restaurant owners would normally have special offers in the seventh month of the Chinese calendar as many Chinese shun away from having wedding dinners in that month. Do you believe in such a taboo?

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