That’s How Alycia Eats Her Meds

That’s how Alycia eats her meds now, the latest technique, which her mah mah taught her.

First, she licks a candy…

then I pour a drop of her meds into a spoonful of chilled Ribena…

after swallowing the meds, she licks the candy again.

When she has finished the meds, she will obediently throw the remaining candy away.  She knows she can’t bite or chew the candy.  I told her about Mamabok’s Chloe and Sue Sue’s Le Anne (and showed her the pix of the extracted teeth too) where they were put to sleep to have their teeth extracted and she got so scared that she dared not bite into any candy, for fear of loosing her teeth too.

The box of candies which koo mah from HK gave the gals.

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