Reading Time

My 3 girls love it whenever I read to them or have a nap with them, all 4 of us together. Yesterday, I put Baby C next to me with Sherilyn on my left and Alycia on my right on the couch as I read to them.   Baby C just sat there and listened intently as I read the book, as if she understood the story.

Sherilyn acting like a big sister, ‘reading’ to Baby C.

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If Only He Had A University Degree

I read a heart-rending story in the newspapers today. It was about a father of four who had to resort to a desperate measure to find money to feed his family – to sell his kidney! This man approached the media about his plan to sell his kidney so that he could find a buyer. His wife and children had cried their hearts out over his selfless act of love for his family. I am sure it would have been a different scenario if this man had a university degree. With a university degree, he could have easily landed himself a decent job to support his family.

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