A Really Hectic And Tiring Day

This morning, my mil brought our maid to the market.  I was home alone with the 3 gals as hubby has gone to his shop.   I quickly went to the kitchen to get everything ready before Baby C woke up… but sh*t, the water was only trickling down the tap.  I knew that the water pipes at our area must have burst again as this happens very often.  I quickly fixed milk for the 2 older gals, brushed their teeth, washed them up, fixed them breakfast, washed the milk bottles, stored water and did everything that needed water before the taps ran dry. Also made a call to PUAS to make a report and was informed that indeed there was a water pipe burst.  In between all these, Sherilyn my trouble-maker played with the water that I had stored and poured away half the amount of water that I had stored. Boy was I fuming mad with her.

Later, I heard Baby C’s cries from the baby monitor in the kitchen and quickly went up. Nursed her, changed her diaper and o.O… I saw greenish gooey discharge on the diaper. No wonder her diaper smelled foul last night… the same smell when she had UTI last month. I tell you, I was worried sick that she may have another UTI attack and prayed hard that it’s not UTI. Without further delay, I put the soiled diaper in a plastic bag (for the dr. to have a look), called hubby and asked him to quickly come back to bring Baby C to the hospital.

FYI, if your child has a history of UTI, at the onset of a fever or a foul smelling urine, quickly bring her to the hospital and quickly collect a urine sample to do a urine culture. If it’s UTI, it’s important that antibiotics be taken immediately before the bacteria goes up to the kidney and scar / damage the kidney.

The paed wasn’t sure if it was vaginal yeast infection (VYI) or another UTI but said that it’s most likely a VYI as Baby C has been taking antibiotics for the past 1 month and it is very common to get VYI when one is taking antibiotics. This always happens to me too whenever I am on antibiotics. I was given a cream to apply on her private part and if there is still discharge / foul smell, I will have to put a urine bag on her private part to collect her urine to be tested.

Baby C was supposed to get a Rotavirus and Pneumococcal jab today but I told the paed that I will delay it to next week as she may develop a fever after the jab and I will not know if the fever is caused by the jab or by a UTI.

Meanwhile, Alycia who followed us to the hospital got her booster MMR jab and I was really amazed that she wasn’t scared at all and she did not even let out an “ouch” or a cry! I was really proud of her!

I am so tired and sleepy now.  I woke up at 4:30am this morning when Baby C puked after I had nursed her.  It was my mistake.  I snoozed along with her during the feed.  I ended up having to clean her up and changed the bedsheet and did everything all by myself.  Hubby was snoring away in the gals’ room and I did not want to wake my maid up.  After I had cleaned Baby C up, she poo pooed big time and I had to clean her bum too.

next up…… Sherilyn my trouble-maker got herself in trouble at Guardian Pharmacy today. 

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