Sherilyn’s Big Boo Boo

Sherilyn made a big boo boo at Guardian Pharmacy yesterday but this tough nut of mine did not boo hoo hoo over her boo boo!

After lunch at a nearby coffee shop yesterday, we went to a mini mart to shop for groceries and thereafter went to Guardian Pharmacy.  As I was busy looking at some products, Sherilyn who was wandering about inside the shop that has a very narrow walk-way suddenly tripped as the floor was wet.  I always make sure that Alycia and Sherilyn are next to me when I am shopping but yesterday, Sher was uncontrollable and did not want to stand still next to me. Whilst I was shopping, hubby was keeping an eye on the 2 older girls.  Sher who is quite a clumsy pot always falls, trips, drops things and is prone to accidents too. 

When Sher fell, she knocked on a tower of bottled mineral water, with bottles that were stacked up high.  My hubby and I watched in horror as the tower of bottled water collapsed with the bottles falling on her one by one!  I quickly helped Sher up and told her “it’s ok, quickly get up“. Sher looked really puzzled and shocked. The pharmacist hurried to the scene and everyone just did not know what to do as the bottles were strewn everywhere!  Hubby and I then quickly put the bottled mineral water back and hubby offered to pay for a bottle where the cap fell off.  Thankfully Sher wasn’t hurt, albeit a tad shock.

Hubby and I felt rather embarassed over the incident.  Luckily we had bought quite a bit of stuff from the pharmacy, otherwise, we would have felt worst.  Imagine causing a big mess in the shop and not buy anything there! 

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Silly Song

Sherilyn who loves music, singing and creating her own silly lyrics sang this silly but cute song which she invented this morning during breakfast:

After she had wee weed and washed her hands, she wiped her hands dry and got her self seated at the dining table and sang :

To the tune of London Bridge Is Falling Down nonchalantly :

There is water on my hands,
on my hands, on my hands…..
There is water on my hands,
I love water, hahahaha….

And Alycia, kakak and I burst out laughing at her silly song.

This brat always makes my blood boil but her cute antics can really bring a smile to my face nonetheless.

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