Precious Wee Wee

I had another very, very hectic, tiring and stressful today.  Remember I mentioned in my earlier post that I brought Baby C to the paed’s clinic last Saturday as she had greenish gooey discharge on her diaper?  As her urine still smelled a little foul today, I decided to go ahead with the urine test.  So this morning, I spent 2 hours doing nothing but breastfed Baby C intermittently (so that she has ample wee) and waited for her to wee wee.  Also had to use 2 urine bags to collect her precious wee wee.  The first bag was a little faulty and the wee leaked out onto the diaper.

After nursing Baby C, I had a quick breakfast (and I was merely swallowing the food without really tasting them), then went to the crib and made some “shheeee  shheeeee”  sounds to stimulate her senses to urinate.  It really ain’t easy to collect the urine coz some of the urine will leak from the opening of the urine bag into the diaper.  I had to stand at her crib with my eyes fixated at her diaper, with her diaper unfastened, for hours to wait for her precious stream of wee to trickle out.  The minute I saw ample wee, I quickly poured the wee very carefully into a sterile bottle and quickly called hubby to hurry home to bring the sample wee to the hospital.

The urine collector bag.

Baby C’s precious wee wee which took me 2 painstaking hours to catch it, only to be told that it wasn’t enough to do 2 tests! Sh*t!

So what’s next?  I spent another 2 hours catching a second batch of urine.  I breastfed Baby C every half an hour so that she has enough fluid to pass out.The first time round, she poo pooed big time and I had to discard the urine bag (with some precious urine in it).   Thankfully, the second time round, I managed to catch the wee minutes after she had pooed.

I had just called the hospital lab.  The initial urine test result showed that the urine is cleared of bacteria. Thank God! I now have to wait for the urine culture test results next, which will take 2-3 days.

Sigh…. I was so worn out that while I was reading to Sher a moment ago, I dozed off on the couch!

And oh yes, I still managed to steal 20 minutes to work out on my trampoline in the morning when Baby C was napping!

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