Paintball is a very fun outdoor adventure hobby. Avid paintball participants play on specially laid out paintball fields which contain specific boundaries, barriers behind which players can hide and zones that are neutral. There are also indoor arenas for playing that are complete with viewing areas and lighting. You can also play paintball at a secluded area where there are no bystanders. You can either buy your paintball guns, borrow them or rent them from a paintball shooting range. If you are shopping for paintball equipment, has a complete line of paintball equipment ranging from invert mini paintball guns (MINI boasts some of the hottest new technology to hit the paintball industry in years), paintball goggles, hats, jerseys, dye, paintball field gear and much more. If you want to do something different and adventurous,  try paintball today.

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This morning, I managed to go out for a half an hour jog, just me alone, without clingy Baby C tagging along.  I woke up at 7am, hurriedly brushed my teeth, went to the kitchen to gulp down a glass of apple cider vinegar with psyllium husk, turned on the baby monitor in the kitchen and asked my maid to go up to check on Baby C if she cries and quickly left the house.  It was pretty stressful as I had to do everything hurriedly and quietly, before my 3 monkeys woke up. I could still feel the pent up stress inside me when I jogged and as I jogged down a slope, I suddenly lost balance and fell…. and lay flat on the tar road!   My knees and both my palm were grazed and bled slightly.  My hands were also wet with soap water as there was a puddle of water on the road from a neighbor who was washing her car.  Sigh…. how unfortunate, but that did not deter me from continue jogging and I even packed home some sinful food for breakfast after jogging!  Luckily I wasn’t badly hurt and luckily there weren’t any oncoming cars.  Now, both my upper arms hurt too.

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Incredibly Stylish Eyeglasses

My dad has one of the most unfashionable pair of reading eyeglasses I have ever seen. Whenever he wears the eyeglasses with big black frames, he looks like someone living in the 1970s! I think I should get him a Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses from Do you know that there are incredible stylish new frames from Zenni at really affordable prices? Go check out ZenniOptical today and get yourself a pair of stylish eyeglasses too. Oh yes, in case you do not know, Zenni Optical was on FOX news!

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