Count Our Blessings, Lest We Forget

Each time I am at the pediatric department of Hospital UKM, which is a government hospital, I tell myself that I am really blessed with 3 normal beautiful gals.  Though Baby C has a kidney reflux on her right kidney, it is still not as bad as those parents I’d seen at the hospital with kids who are plagued with more severe and life threatening problems. 

Some of the parents I’d seen at the pediatric department have kids stricken with leukemia, some parents came in with kids who were born totally abnormal – with a bloated and disfigured head and abnormal facial features, one mother came in with a cute and adorable baby girl who has a hole in her heart, another mother came in with her teenage son who appeared to be mentally retarded, some had kids with Thalassemia  and I also saw a few mothers who came in with their child who appeared really floppy and severely retarded mentally (and pushed on a specially designed pram) stricken with cerebral palsy.  When I see these kids, I really feel for the parents.  Yet, these parents appear cheerful and strong emotionally. 

So to all parents out there who have normal and healthy kids, count your blessings and thank God for them.  Never mind if they drive you up the wall all the time. It’s a blessing that they are capable of being hyperactive and mischievous to drive you bonkers.  Just imagine the lives of the parents with kids born mentally and physically retarded or stricken with a severe ailment.

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