Baby C Has Grade 3 Kidney Reflux

The hospital called this afternoon. The nurse conveyed to me the report, which states that Baby C has kidney reflux or VUR grade 3. I had expected it to be grade 3, and thankfully it is not grade 4 or 5. The hospital has also given us a nearer appointment date, which is in 2 weeks’ time.

Now, I can only pray that Baby C’s kidney reflux will resolve by itself and that she does not require surgery.  I read that 50% – 85% of cases with grade 3 VUR will experience spontaneous resolution of VUR, meaning that the problem will resolve by itself over time.

Here’s an excerpt on the treatment and prognosis of Kidney Reflux, from :

Treatment depends on the grade that is diagnosed. In grades I and II, the usual treatment involves long-term use of a small daily dose of antibiotics to prevent the development of infections. The urine is tested regularly to make sure that no infection occurs. The kidneys are evaluated regularly via ultrasound and VCUG (every 12 to 18 months) to make sure that they are growing normally and that no new scarring has occurred. Grades III, IV, and V VUR can be treated with antibiotics and careful monitoring. New infections, scarring, or stunting of kidney growth may result in the need for surgery. Grades IV and V are extremely likely to require surgery.

Surgery for VUR consists of reimplanting the ureters into the bladder at a more normal angle. This adjustment usually improves the functioning of the valve leading into the bladder. When structural defects of the urinary system are present, surgery will almost always be required to repair these defects.

Prognosis is dependent on the grade of VUR. About 80 percent of children with grades I and II VUR simply grow out of the problem. As they grow, the ureter lengthens, changing its angle of entry into the bladder and resolving the reflux. The average age of VUR resolution is about six to seven years. About 50 percent of children with grade III VUR require surgery. Nearly all children with grades IV and V VUR require surgery. In these cases, it is usually best to perform surgery when the patient is relatively young, in order to avoid damage and scarring to the kidneys.

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Online Drug Reference

When Baby C was prescribed with Trimethoprim, an antibiotics to prevent Urinary Tract Infection a month ago, I did a Google search to find out more about this drug. I was really worried of the side effects it would have on Baby C as she has to consume this drug for several years due to her kidney reflux. I had to read articles from several websites to gather the information that I wanted.  Today, I found out about this fantastic website called, which is an online drug reference for thousands of drugs. I keyed in the word ‘Trimethoprim’ on the search box in their website and within seconds, I had all the information that I wanted to get on this drug. I am glad I found this website and I have already bookmarked this site for future reference.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates

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