Daddy And Baby C

Check out daddy with Cassandra here. Though daddy is seldom at home, when he’s home, thank God Baby C still recognizes him and loves being with him.

Baby C has been really clingy the past several days.  She only wants to be carried whenever she’s awake and does not want to be left alone on her crib or on the mattress on the floor.   She also hates to be placed on her back.  The problem is she’s awake most of the time during the day and could hardly nap for long!  I hardly have the time to blog now and have to type with only 1 finger most of the time… coz I’ll be carrying her with another hand.  The good thing is that by carrying this 6kg+ living dumb bell, I am also toning my hands, which helps keep those flabby aunty’s underarms at bay, LOL!

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10 thoughts on “Daddy And Baby C

  1. actually….what is it with men n this position? My hub also carries my No.3 the same exact way!!!!! Just lies there..and baby sits on him!

    she’s sooooooo chubby!!!!!!!!!! *pinch cheeks* *gnaws kai-pei*

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