Millenium Cactus Juice

I finally bought a pack of E. Excel Millenium Cactus Juice to try from my former classmate, after much pondering.  After hearing all the goodness and praises for this very costly infection-fighting concoction of juices, I decided I want to give it a try – to my 2 older girls (esp. Alycia) who are always down with throat infection. I am also feeding this to Baby C – just a small teaspoon a day as the juice is known to fight off infections.  Hopefully, it can fight off the bugs responsible for causing her urinary tract infection (UTI). 

I don’t know how effective it is in helping Alycia and Sher fight off the bugs that always cause them throat infection but when I had very bad vaginal yeast infection 2 days ago, I took a quarter glass of this juice and the following day, the infection cleared!  Coincidence or a fact, I don’t know.  I have to try a few packs on my 3 kids to be able to see the results. There goes my hard-earned money but oh well, if it can buy good health, I won’t mind a bit.

Anyone taking this too?  Care to share your experience with this juice?

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Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

Lately hubby has been really busy with his catering business. He is so busy he hardly has the time to come home for dinner on most days. Sometimes I feel like a single parent who has to mind my 3 kids myself most of the time. Well, I shouldn’t complain. It’s good that he is burying himself in his work rather than spending his time and watching TV at home. He always tells me that I would be even more worried if he spends most of his time at home rather than at his shop or office. Even when hubby’s at home at night, he will be reading books on catering, cook books, dining ideas and he is also constantly in search of unique outdoor entertaining ideas for his customers.

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