My Sunday

Today I had a Sunday filled with activities.  I got up at 7am and quickly took my bath, checked my email and fixed milk for Alycia and Sherilyn.  My mil went to the market and brought our maid along.  It’s always tough when I don’t have someone helping me with the 3 girls in the morning.  Whilst I was busy bathing Baby C upstairs, Sherilyn who was alone downstairs and still eating her breakfast (she takes forever to eat all the time) peed on the floor.  After cleaning the mess, I brought her upstairs and hubby helped me bathe the 2 older gals.  Alycia kicked up a big fuss and cried as she didn’t want to wear the dress that I had chosen for her, which was a new Disney dress that koo mah bought her from Hong Kong.  She insisted in wearing her new Zara Kids jeans (also bought from HK) but it was loose and we haven’t bought her a belt yet.  When it comes to choosing her clothes, Alycia always wins and she ended up wearing a loose jeans and had to keep pulling up her jeans which kept falling off her waist the whole day!  

Next, when I was nursing Baby C, she choked and puked.  Luckily hubby came to our rescue and managed to catch her puke with a little pail (that I use to catch vomit) just in the nick of time.  Otherwise, we would be terribly late for church if her vomit got on my clothes and on the floor.  After all the rushing, we finally reached church, albeit a little late. 

After church, we had lunch at Zipangu Japanese Restaurant at Shangri La Hotel.  I really enjoyed the food there but lost my appetite half way through eating when Baby C poo pooed big time and I had to break my back cleaning her bum with her on the stroller in the washroom, that was really cramped.  Oh yes, she also poo pooed in the church and I also broke my back cleaning her bum.  Gosh, I really hate to clean her pooed bum when there’s no baby changing room.

Back home, when the 3 gals were asleep, I worked out on the trampoline for half an hour to burn off some of the calories that I had piled up during the Japanese buffet lunch today.  Then, I bathed the 3 gals and off we went to hubby’s uncle’s house for dinner and came home at around 9:30pm.  

I’ve just put my the 3 gals to sleep and it was easy peasy tonight as the 3 of them didn’t nap long today. 

Though the Japanese buffet spread was really good, I stayed determined to stick to 80% protein and 20% carb. I ate terriyaki Unagi, grilled salmon, salmon fish head, salmon salad, cod fish stew, a little beef and chicken and some salmon and butter fish sashimi.

I even managed to resist myself from touching the tempting cakes and Japanese mochi and just ate fresh fruits and Edamame beans for dessert.   My determination and sacrifices have paid off.  I can now fit into most of my old pants!

Throughout lunch, Baby C refused to sit on her pram. She kept whining till we took her out from the pram. Daddy, mah mah, kakak and I had to take turns to carry this fussy princess. But we all enjoyed carrying this sweetie pie who kept smiling at us.  Doesn’t she look sweet in this Baby Disney dress that koo mah bought her from Hong Kong?

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