Sherilyn’s Chicken Pox-Infested Body

Though Sherilyn has Chicken Pox, she does not appear to have CP the slightest bit.  She is still as active as ever, has no fever, does not feel malaise at all, is eating rice and everything that a healthy person is eating, has great appetite and thankfully the spots are all hidden (under her clothes). Don’t know if it’s because of the E. Excel’s Millennium Cactus juice that’s helping her fight off the infection well.

Can you guess in which part of Sher’s body that’s teeming with the pox?  Scroll down to find out.

Sherilyn’s back…. nope, not this part teeming lar…..

Her phet phet (down under), LOL!   The spots sure know where to grow! 

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Expelling Phlegm

Poor Baby C has a huge built-up amount of phlegm stuck in her throat. Her cough sounds chesty and ‘phlegmy’. Each time she coughs, she will cry as the phelgm will be stuck in her throat and irritating her, to the point of making her puke.

Yesterday, my mil put Baby C on her tummy on her lap and then ‘beat’ Baby C’s back with her cupped palm, similar to how you would burp a baby. This is supposed to induce the phlegm out.

Baby C was feeling much better since last night. She could sleep through the night without coughing and with no stuffy nose.   That’s the power of mama’s power-boosting and immunity-boosting milkie!

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