Bouncing No More

Baby C can no longer sit on the bouncinet during the day whenever she’s awake. Each time she’s placed on the bouncinet, she will turn to her side and then tries to flip over.

She almost fell off the bouncinet here while trying to flip over.  That was 3 days ago. I now place her on a mattress on the floor all the time.  I still place her on the bouncinet when she wants to nap, but she has to be under watchful eyes all the time whenever she’s on the bouncinet.

And I had the biggest surprise last night when she successfully flipped over while she was on her crib.  I was taking my bath and my maid was in my room watching over her.  Suddenly, my maid screamed in delight, I opened the door and saw my baby on her tummy and a big smile on her face!

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