Our Sunday

Though it was Merdeka Day, we had a typical Sunday today.  After church, we had Japanese buffet lunch at Kenji Japanese Restaurant @ PJ Hilton.  Our kids used to eat for free previously but today, we were informed that kids below 6 yo will be charged RM17.50 per kid!  Most hotel restaurants would not charge kids below 6 yo but not the Hilton group of hotels.

My plate of protein – I love the deep fried pregnant fish, grilled Unagi, grilled salmon and California roll (rolled without any rice). I also love sucking on lemon wedges in between eating my meal, so that I won’t feel so ‘jelak’.

We were given a room today – Aly and Sher had a fun time running around the room but I found it really uncomfortable sitting on the floor and having to nurse Baby C on the floor.

Sweet rush – Alycia and Sherilyn rushing to grab their chocolate dipped marshmallows.

A very contented Sher.  All the sweet sins made her hyperactive after the lunch.

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Alycia My Sensitive Child

Alycia has always been a very sensitive child. She gets hurt very easily whenever I say something that she doesn’t like to hear. Unlike Sherilyn who is really thick-skinned and doesn’t get bothered much when I scold her, Alycia would cry whenever I raise my voice on her.

A few nights ago, I took out my pre-Baby C spaghetti strap top to try on to see if I could still fit into the body-hugging top. It was about 10pm then and the gals were about to go to bed. When Alycia saw me trying on the top, she stared at me and was about to ask me where I was going. I decided to pull her leg and told her that I was going shopping with daddy and she was to stay home with Sher and baby. Upon hearing my words, she wailed boo hoo hoo really loudly. She then ran towards me and hugged my leg tightly as she buried her wet face onto my leg. I just couldn’t help bursting into laughter, evil me 😀   I then told her that I was only pulling her leg and she subdued a little. When Sher saw her cheh cheh crying, she too laughed at her. My mistake, for the rest of the night, she wanted to be near to me and just didn’t want to lose sight of me!

And oh yes, I managed to fit into the Agnes B. spaghetti strap top that my sil bought for me from Hong Kong just before I conceived Baby C. It still looks brand new.

That’s Alycia at around 16 months.

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Updates On Baby C’s UTI

Today, I woke up at 6am to get ready for a long day ahead. I nursed Baby C, then checked my email, blogged hop a bit, went for 1/2 hour jog, came home and exercised on my fit ball, fixed milk for Aly and Sher, got them ready for school, had an ultra quick breakfast, nursed Baby C again and off we went to SJMC.

I thought we were quite early but there were other patients who were earlier than us and we were no. 8.   After seeing her first patient, Dr Indon came out from her office and we went to the Procedures Room.  Though it was Baby C’s second time going through this procedure, I was still nervous and very worried that the procedure would hurt my baby and I prayed fervently to God to remove all the pain from my baby. 

I had brought along Baby C’s favorite frozen water-filled teething ring and took it out for her to suck.  The sight of the long catheter made my legs weak.  I can still remember the pain down there when the nurse removed the catheter from my urethra after my 3 c-sections. 

Dr Indon first cleaned Baby C’s private part.  Baby C wasn’t really crying but was fussing coz a stranger cleaned that part of hers with some cold liquid.   When Dr Indon inserted the catheter into her urethra,  I placed my face next to my baby and kissed her.  Then I sang “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands“, her favorite song and clapped her hands.  She smiled a little but was still fussing a tad but not crying.  I was glad when I saw her pee flowed out from the opening of the catheter into a sterile bottle.  I was really surprised that so much pee could come out instantaneously after the catheter was inserted.   It was quite a good amount of pee, an amount which would have taken me 3-4 hours to collect, if I were to collect it by myself.  Dr Indon also massaged Baby C’s tummy (the part where the bladder is I suppose) to induce more pee to flow out.    Dr Indon  commented that Baby C’s pee looked clear and I thought so too.   I was really glad when the procedure was over and thank God that it wasn’t traumatic and painful for Baby C.  I think it helps a GREAT deal that I could be with Baby C throughout the procedure.  That’s the main reason why she didn’t cry.  When it was done at HUKM, I wasn’t allowed to go into the Procedures Room and Baby C cried big time. 

I then brought the urine sample to the lab located a floor below.  I just had a good feeling this time that the WBC (white blood cells) in Baby C’s pee had gone down.  True enough and my prayers answered, an hour later when we went in to see Dr Indon, she informed us that the WBC is only 1 (down from 10-15 WBC 3 days ago), which is normal.  That’s good news since Baby C wasn’t on any antibiotics for 3 days (Tues, Wed and Thurs). That was Dr Indon’s instruction as she wanted to see what new bacteria is proliferating in the urine, without the use of antibiotics. I still have to wait for the urine culture results, which would only be out in 3 days’ time and Dr Indon is quite confident that there won’t be any infection in the urine, looking at the WBC.

Dr Indon asked hubby and me if we would like to continue  Baby C to be on antibiotics. We have a choice of not giving the antibiotics but we would have to be extra vigilant and diligent in that we would have to bring Baby C’s urine to be tested every week for at least 3 more years, change baby’s diaper after just 1 pee and not after a few pees, feed her with lots of water and cranberry juice, etc. However, the risk of having UTIs are higher without the use of antibiotics. Hubby and I decided that we shouldn’t take any chances and will continue feeding Baby C with antibiotics until she’s at least 3.5 years old.  When Baby C’s older, we will have to teach her a technique to wee wee, called Double Micturition or double pee to reduce the risk of UTI.    Dr Indon is also not pro-surgery and prefers to treat patients with antibiotics, which is music to my ears.  I really want to keep Baby C away from surgery and other invasive medical treatments.

To be continued……

I love it when Baby C gives me this cheeky look on her face.  Oh yeah, she also has a dimple on her left cheek, though not as deep as her 2 cheh chehs.

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Baby C Likes Durian Too

coz it’s all in her genes.  Daddy, mummy, mah mah, both her cheh chehs and everyone in the family loves durian, so naturally, Baby C likes durians too.  I love to let Baby C smell food.  It’s a good way to stimulate her senses.  When I let her smell durians the other day, she was tickled pink and she tried to reach out to the durian that I put in front of her. 

See how excited Baby C is smelling the king of fruits…

Look at her eyes…. eyeing the pungent fruit and drooling away!

That wasn’t the best shot coz I was holding the durian with one hand and holding the camera with the other. 

On a side note, would you let your baby who is teething chew on a shoe?

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Baby C’s Bloody Cheek

I hope I didn’t scare you with the title of this post. Nothing really bad happened to Baby C. She just scratched her cheek till it bled pretty badly 2 nights ago. I had just trimmed her finger nails the night before.  I should file the finger nails the next time to smoothen the nails.  The problem I face each time I cut Baby C’s finger nails is that she keeps moving and struggling and she hates having her nails cut. I always have to do it hurriedly.

Despite bleeding on her cheek, Baby C did not cry and was in a jovial mood playing and ‘talking’ to her 2 cheh chehs.  Look at her cheeky look.  The cheek bled so much that when I nursed her, my boop was stained with blood too! 

The 2 concerned cheh chehs. Alycia used a tissue to wipe away the blood whilst Sherilyn held Baby C’s hand to prevent her from touching her face. Mummy quickly put on a pair of mittens on baby’s hands to prevent further scratching to the cheek.  Alycia pulled almost half a box of tissue papers to wipe the blood off baby’s cheek.

Sayang baby, cheh cheh sayang you ar….”

A freshly cut wedge of aloe vera. I applied the juice of the aloe vera to Baby C’s scratched cheek. It really did help in preventing the wound from getting swollen and infected. Now the wound is all dried up.

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A Diet That Lets You Eat Food You Enjoy And Yet Lose Weight

Eight years ago, when my weight skyrocketed from 43kg to 48kg in just two months, I knew that something was really wrong with my body. Though I went on a diet, my weight just couldn’t go down. That prompted me to consult a gynecologist who later diagnosed me as suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a hormonal disorder and women who suffer from PCOS have a hard time controlling their weight. Many women who have PCOS are obese but thankfully I wasn’t. After tons of reading from the internet, I found out that PCOS sufferers are resistant to insulin. One of the ways to lose weight is to go on a high protein low carb diet and of course to exercise. Without any delay, I bought an Atkin’s Diet book, followed his diet strictly and exercised rigorously everyday without fail, rain or shine. Slowly but surely, my weight dropped and I continued to stick to a low carb high protein diet up until today.

After the birth of Baby C, my third child 4.5 months ago, my tummy now still looks as if I were 3 months pregnant. Despite exercising everyday, I have a tough time removing this ‘excess baggage’. That’s because I have a hard time staying away from carbs. Ever since I started breastfeeding Baby C, I have started to eat carbs again, thinking that breastfeeding will help me burn those extra calories. But in actual fact, I shouldn’t be eating more calories than my body can burn. All I need is perhaps an extra of 2 slices of bread a day to give me that extra calories for breastfeeding.

Today I discovered from The Fat Loss Guru that I can actually eat more and still lose fat! The Fat Loss Guru has strategies and tips in his book that will teach dieters how to continue eating many of the foods that we enjoy and experience permanent and lasting weight loss. There are also ways to manipulate our hormones to burn fat faster. His weight loss strategies are even better than the Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig diet. It is really great to know that his diet can also fix chronic illnesses like diabetes, adrenal fatigue, hormonal problems and much more. I am really tempted to purchase The Ultimate Diet Handbook, written by The Fat Loss Guru. His diet strategies sound pretty convincing to me. If I can lose weight and continue to eat food that I like, what is spending $39 on his diet handbook, right?

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A Stressful Day Collecting Pee

I was to collect Baby C’s urine today to be sent to SJMC to be tested. Last night, I had planned carefully what to do today.   I should wake up at 6am today, nurse Baby C, do some work on my computer, go for my morning jog, take my bath, prepare Aly and Sher for school, prepare Aly and Sher’s lunch box, nurse Baby C again, collect her pee and hubby to send pee to SJMC, placed in an ice-box at 10am BUT my plan went haywire when Baby C just wouldn’t cooperate with me. 

Dr Indon of SJMC wants the pee collected without the use of a urine bag as chances of contamination is high with a urine bag.  I am to carry Baby C in such a way that her legs are apart and let her wee wee directly into the sterile bottle. But when the actual collection of pee was done today, it was really STRESSFUL, FRUSTRATING and I really wanted to CRY and scream in frustration. This is my first time collecting baby’s pee without a urine bag and it wasn’t easy, as expected.   Baby C was really traumatized and distraught.

My maid sat on the green stool whilst I sat on the white stool and we started off Round 1 at 9:30am. Baby C was struggling, arching her back, screaming, crying, kicking and she poo pooed!  Her pee only dribbled out DROP BY DROP during the entire collection session.  She also poo pooed and I had to clean her up very carefully so that the urine won’t be contaminated.

Very long story cut short, after 20 agonizing minutes for Baby C and me, this is the amount of urine collected. Pathetic isn’t it?  What do I expect?  It was collected drop by drop with great pains.  Baby C didn’t give me wee wee fountains like she would EVERYDAY without fail.  Why of all days she just wont give me a good shoot of pee today?

This bottle of pee is only sufficient to be poured into the bottle with boric acid for the urine culture (bottle on the right with white powder inside). I needed another bottle for the urine FEME test.  But Baby C was wailing away and she was really very traumatized and distraught.   I was distraught too.   Why?  Coz the bottle of urine for culture was already in the fridge.  I was told by the medical assistant at Dr Indon’s clinic that the urine cannot stay more than 2 hours in the fridge and I was running out of time.  The urine had to reach SJMC latest by 12:30pm.   Our house to SJMC would take 20 minutes to reach at the quickest and hubby was very busy today.  So I callled SJMC and the hospital near my house to arrange for the urine test to be done at the hospital nearer to my house.  Then, hubby was to collect the urine report and bring it to SJMC to see Dr Indon for her to prescribe Baby C the new antibiotics.  

I put Baby C for a quick nap whilst I quickly ate my breakfast at 11am.  I only have 1 more hour to collect another bottle of pee and I just knew that I would not be able to meet the deadline.  After breakfast, I woke Baby C up and of course that made her bawl.  The moment I removed her diaper, she peed big time and the pee was everywhere on her body!   Sh*t!!  I had to nurse her again and wait for another half an hour for the pee to come out.  I really wanted to cry.  Baby C could sense my frustration and agitation and this made her bawl and struggle more when my maid carried her, whilst I held on to the bottle. 

It was really a big hoo-ha.  My maid was carrying Baby C who was arching her back, kicking her legs, bawling away till she almost puke, my mil was trying to distract baby with a rattle and I was sitting on the floor, holding the bottle, making “shee shee” sounds and staring at her phet phet, waiting for the pee to come out but only drops of pee trickled down.   I just knew that the urine will be contaminated as Baby C had pooed twice and the urine that trickled down touched her anus too.  Though I had cleaned the area with water and cotton, there could still be traces of bacteria there.

When Baby C was really distressed, I nursed her… with her diaper removed and my maid held on to the bottle, trying to collect the pee.  Baby C was crying away as she latched on…. and kicking her legs.  I was really stressed out and so was Baby C.   I was dry…. no milk flowed out due to the stress and Baby C was dry too…. no pee flowed out.  I really wanted to cry and scream!!

Long story cut short, my hubby was already outside the house at 12:30pm.  I just passed whatever urine I had collected to him and prayed that the urine in the second bottle would be enough for the test.  Thank God it was enough though it was very little.

Results turned out that there were still 10-20 WBC (white blood cells) in the urine, which means that there is still an infection in the urine.  Last week’s results were 20-25 WBC. 

Very long story cut short, I am required to bring Baby C to SJMC on Friday for another urine test.  This time, Dr Indon will insert a catheter into Baby C’s ureter to collect a ‘clean urine’ sample.   It’s going to hurt but it’s the best way to get an accurate reading of the urine test.  Poor Baby C, she will have to endure another painful time.  Sigh…. I just hope we will get out of this nightmare very soon!

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Get A Personal Injury Lawyer To Help You Fight Your Claims

What would you do if the one that you love perished in a ferry accident due to the captain’s negligence? Nearly 800 passengers on board a ferry in the Philippines perished and scores of others were injured recently when the captain of the ferry miscalculated the risk of continuing the trip during a freak storm. If you or your loved ones were involved in an accident and were injured recently, you can seek one of the Omaha Personal Injury Lawyers at the Omaha offices of attorney Larry Demerath for a complimentary consultation to get a clear explanation of your legal rights and options. The attorneys will only send you the bill if they recover money from those who are responsible for your personal injury or loss.

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TV’s The Best Babysitter

Lately, Baby C seems to have separation anxiety. The moment I leave her alone and she loses sight of me, she will start to cry. So how do I take my shower every night? I will put her in her crib in my bedroom, put a huge pillow behind her and prop her up in a sitting position, put on a Barney VCD and turn on the TV for her to watch. My maid will stand next to the crib to watch over her whilst I have a quick scrub.  Baby C loves watching the TV but this can only keep her distracted for a max of 15 minutes, after which she will wail on top of her lungs until she sees and smells mummy!  Sometimes, I have to cut short my bath and dash out from the bathroom with a towel drapped round my body to carry her and placate her. 

I put 2 bolsters on the sides to prevent Baby C from falling to the sides.  She finds it very fun and amusing to kick the bolsters.

Baby C watching TV. 

Notice the bed railing on my king-size bed?  Yesterday as I was helping Alycia brush her teeth, Baby C who was placed in the middle of my bed rolled to the right side of the bed!  Though there was a pillow barricading the bed, she rolled to the side without the pillow and almost fell off the bed.  She gave me a big scare and I have since transferred Aly’s bed railing to my bed.  And Aly was so sweet to have willingly given up her bed railing to her baby sister coz she got a scare too when she saw me screaming away and baby almost falling off the bed.  And I am really proud and happy that both Aly and Sher adore their baby sister very, very much. 

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Touring The Big Apple

Whether it is your first visit to New York City, or your 100th visit, a very thrilling way to view the city from a unique perspective is on board a New York Helicopter Flight. This half an hour ride will be a real memorable experience and will definitely be an experience of a lifetime for you. During the exhilarating ride on the helicopter, you will be shown such popular sites as the New York Harbor, Ground Zero, Central Park, New York’s five boroughs, Brooklyn Bridge, Yankee Stadium, Empire State Building, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges and come face to face with the Statue of Liberty, amongst others.

Apart from this exhilarating helicopter ride, another must-do activity is cruise along New York’s famous skyline to view four waterfalls created by a famous artist. The New York City Waterfalls showcases New York’s natural environment alongside its industrial and commercial landscape.

Another great way to tour New York City is via charter bus NYC at NYC Bus Charters. If you are touring New York City in a group and need a charter bus, NYC Bus Charters have a fleet of 9 to 57 passenger vehicles that are luxurious and of good quality. These deluxe charter buses can bring you to places of attraction, amusement parks, day trips, tailored custom tours, hotels or transfers between airports safely and comfortably.

There are so many ways to tour the exciting and vibrant city of New York City – by bus, cruise and helicopter. Just pick a mode of transportation that excites you the most and enjoy your tour of the Big Apple!

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Modern Day Lanterns

Daddy bought lanterns for Alycia and Sherilyn from Mid Valley Megamall on Friday. These are the modern day lanterns as the lights are battery operated, can emit music and can even move…. and they ain’t cheap. Sherilyn’s lantern is a miniature lion dance and the lantern can walk and emit the tune of ‘wong fei hoong’ movie!  It cost over twenty ringgit each but the quality is really cheesy.

Barely 1 hour old and the cap of Sher’s lion dance lantern came off.  Daddy had to screw it back.

Baby C is absolutely besotted with the lanterns that can emit music and light and also move.  Now, Aly and Sher can distract Baby C for a good twenty minutes with those lanterns of theirs.

Check out my Sunday here

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Alycia Can Read

I made hundreds of words flash cards for Alycia and Sherilyn about 3 years ago and used to flash them to the girls very regularly. I somehow lost the momentum and stopped flashing the cards to them when I was pregnant with Baby C until recently. When my mum was here, she helped me to dig out the cards and flashed the cards of the words that Alycia had read in her Peter and Jane books. Alycia recognized almost all the words extracted from the Peter and Jane books.  Now, I make it a daily routine that Alycia reads her Peter and Jane books and I also practise flashing the cards to her regularly. 

Lately, Alycia has also developed an interest in finding out the meaning of words.  When she sees words on her clothes or on my clothes or just about anywhere that interest her, she will ask me what the word is and the meaning of the word.  I should really strike when the iron is hot and capitalize on her sudden strong interest in reading…. and hopefully her interest in reading will never end.



“don’t take my picture mummy….”

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Sign Up For Charter’s High Speed Internet And Stand A Chance To Win A HP Compaq Presario Laptop

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Details of the laptop are as follow :

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So what are you waiting for? Quick sign up for Charter’s high-speed internet today and stand a chance to win Charter Laptop A Day Giveaway. The first laptop winner will be announced on 1st September 2008. So hurry, you could be the lucky one!

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Red Flesh Orange

At a look, there is nothing extraordinary about this orange but once cut, you’ll be surprise to find that the flesh is red in color and it looks pretty much the same as a grapefruit but tastes exactly the same as an orange-flesh orange.  According to the fruit seller at the pasar malam (night market), this type of orange is only available once a year, don’t know how true this is.  

Have you eaten a red-flesh orange before?

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Another Painful Jab And Hopefully The Last

Hubby was busy this morning, so Connie Koo Por (hub’s aunty) brought us to a nearby clinic early in the morning to have the last dose of antibiotics jab administered.  This time, I brought along Baby C’s favorite water-filled frozen teething ring and a rattle.

The sight of the HUGE syringe filled to the brim with liquid made me shudder. I really cringe at the sight of needles and syringes. I don’t know how I managed to survive 3 difficult pregnancies where I had to be given hormone jabs twice weekly at the start of my pregnancy until 12 weeks and 3 c-sections.

Anyway, Baby C wailed painfully when the dr. jabbed the needle into her muscles through her thigh unceremoniously. Then I think he took around 40 seconds or so to sloooooowly inject all the liquid into her thigh. That 40 seconds or so seemed like ages for me and Baby C. Even the frozen teething ring and rattle did not manage to distract her for the pain was just too much for her to bear. Well, I bet no one can bear the pain. Hopefully this jab will be the LAST ever antibiotics jab for Baby C.

I started feeding Baby C with 1 teaspoon of organic cranberry juice diluted with water and add 1 capsule of powdered probiotics into the juice 2 days ago. Hopefully these can prevent another bout of UTI attack.

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