A Day’s Out Shopping

We reached Mid Valley Megamall at 10:30am today. It was hubby’s idea to leave the house early as it is a public holiday today and if we reached there after 11am, traffic would be really horrendous and it would take ages to find a space to park the car. Finding a parking space was a breeze today and we found a nice parking space within minutes.

We first had breakfast at The Toast at Gardens. Hubby seems to like this hawker-style cafe that sells such breakfast items as kaya toasts, French toasts, curry mee, chee cheong fun, western breakfast, white coffee, among others. 

After breakfast, hubby brought Alycia and Sherilyn shopping at Metro Jaya while Baby C and my maid followed me. My mil went shopping alone. It was the first time I brought Baby C along with me to shop for clothes and the mall was packed with people.  I went to my favorite place to look for my clothes and my eyes quickly scanned the place for my type of attire.  I saw a few that I liked and grabbed a few tops and dresses and headed for the fitting room. While I tried on the clothes hurriedly, my maid waited outside the fitting room with Baby C. Within 20 minutes, I bought 2 dresses and a spaghetti strap top. 

The queue at all the check-out counters were very long. Whilst my maid queued up, I hurriedly shopped for other items. I also let my maid choose a t-shirt and I gave her the t-shirt as a gift. Though she has many flaws, she is nevertheless very good to Baby C.

After shopping, we had lunch at MacDonald’s as Alycia wanted to eat McD. It’s been almost a year since we last had McD. After lunch, we shopped for groceries at Jaya Jusco. I almost wanted to buy a sugar-free mooncake, with fruits fillings made in Taiwan but when the sales girl told me it cost RM6.50 each, I flipped coz the size of the mooncake was really small, almost half the size of a regular-size mooncake and I can even gobble it down in just one bite. RM6.50 for just a mouthful of mooncake? No thanks!

Baby C looked kinda ‘blur’ here as she was just about to doze off.

Luckily there were baby rooms provided at Jaya Jusco, I could nurse Baby C (twice) and changed her poopie diapers.

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