How Can I Survive Without The Idiot Box?

That’s the scene in my bedroom almost everynight. My 3 angels would be all soaked up watching cartoon on TV, whilst I have a quick scrub in the bathroom that’s attached to my bedroom. I’d peep in occasionally and call Baby C. When Baby C fusses, Alycia my most helpful little assistant will talk and sing to baby. In fact, Alycia would help me distract Baby C every morning and evening when I’m in the bathroom…. and the good thing is Baby C adores her 2 cheh chehs and will be quite content when her 2 cheh chehs accompany her…. at least for a max. of 15 minutes before she fusses again until she sees and smells mummy!

Baby C watching cartoon with her 2 cheh cheh.

Watching TV is also the only time (sleeping aside) Sherilyn my ever-hyper active and boisterous rascal would sit still and not give me heart-stopping moments.

Look at Sherilyn here, sucking her thumb away as she’s all engrossed watching TV.

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