Infant Drops

Baby C’s appetite seems to have decreased lately.  She used to have a ravenous appetite before her first UTI (urinary tract infection) attack 3 months ago, so ravenous that when she suckles on my boops, she made really loud and embarrasing sounds. She could never get enough of my boops.  But lately, I have to force her to drink my milkie and she has not been gaining much weight over the past 1 month.  At almost 5 months, her weight is only 6.4kg.  Her birth weight was 2.75kg.  I think the antibiotics that she’s taking everyday is the culprit for suppressing her appetite.  Also, a child with Kidney Reflux has poor appetite and poor weight gain 🙁

I was really concerned and asked Dr Indon of SJMC if Baby C is underweight but she told me yesterday that her weight is average and normal.  I then asked her if it’s alright to feed Baby C infant drops to increase her appetite and she said no problem.  I had actually bought the Appeton infant drops with Lysine (Lysine helps to enhance an infant’s appetite) on Sunday but hubby and mil were quite alarmed that I am feeding this to Baby C without first seeking the dr’s go-ahead.  They wanted me to get the green light from Dr Indon.  Now that I’ve gotten the go-ahead, I’ve been feeding Baby C with this infant drop everyday and I think her appetite has increased.  I also fed Sherilyn with this infant drop when she was a few months old until she was 1 year old.

Do you feed your infant with any infant drops or multivitamins?

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