Potty-Training Baby C

I started potty-training Baby C 2 days ago. Not that I want to wean her off diapers at such a young age, it’s just that I’m trying my best to prevent another UTI (urinary tract infection) from attacking my baby.

In a child with Kidney Reflux (KR), the urine backflows to the kidney, then flows back down to the bladder. Bacteria will then feast on the stale urine in the bladder. So if I make Baby C pee all her urine out, there will not be any stale urine in the bladder for the bacteria to feast on.  Also, without a urine-soaked diaper, bacteria will not be able to go up her urethra.

It really ain’t easy to make Baby C pee. She hates it when I remove her diaper and carry her with her legs apart. She hates it even more that I let her sit on the potty. Sometimes, she wouldn’t pee on the potty and will only pee the minute I put on a fresh diaper, aargh! Oh gawd, my backache is creeping up again coz it’s quite strenuous on my back carrying her.

“shee shee baby, please wee wee….. shee shee……”

On the advise of Dr Indon, I am keeping Baby C’s diaper area super clean.  I discard her diaper after just one pee and after she poo poos each time, I wash her bum.  It’s really inconvenient and takes up a lot of time, but if this can prevent a UTI, I have no complaints.  I have to put aside the cloth diapers for the time being as it’s just not practical to wash over 10 CDs each day (and I don’t even have more than 10 CDs).  Also, the antibiotics that she’s taking is making her poo poo 3-4 times a day and it’s not practical to wear CD if she poo poos too often.  The current rainy season is making the inserts hard to dry as well.  Hubby has to burn a bigger hole in his pocket by buying more disposable diapers as Baby C uses  between 10-12 diapers a day. 

In between potty-training Baby C, I still managed to whip up a yummy dish for lunch yesterday.  It’s very easy and fast to prepare and my kids love it!

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Computer Consulting Services

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts in my other blog that I am really tempted to jump into the online store bandwagon and set up my own online store. Ever since my blog was slammed from a PR 4 to a big fat zilch, I have been getting really scarce offers from advertisers. My earnings have also been reduced drastically and I am just not used to seeing the miserable amount sitting in my Paypal account now. If I have the time to put my money-making plan into action, I am still undecided if I should just purchase a shopping cart software or engage the professional computer services of such companies as Langtech Corporation and the like.

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