Diaper-Weaning Sherilyn

In the midst of my very busy schedule with Baby C, I tried to tackle another task 3 days ago, and that is to wean Sherilyn off diapers during her afternoon nap.  The first day, it was accident-free.  I woke her up an hour into her nap and brought the potty to the living room where she naps. Sherilyn is a little more difficult to tackle than Alycia. With Alycia, I did not have to exert much pressure or coaxing to bring her to the potty. With Sherilyn, I had to pull her up from the mattress and practically carry her to the potty, which was reaaaaally strenuous on my already battered back.

The second day, I also woke Sher up to pee 1 hour after she had gone into her nap. However, she still peed in her pants later. When she woke up, she was too embarrassed or scared to let me know that she had peed in her pants. She got up from the mattress, walked round the house and 15 minutes later, announced coyly and nonchalantly “mummy, my shirt is wet“. Haiyah…. I really wanted to scream coz I was busy with Baby C and my maid was busy in the kitchen. But I kept my cool and did not scold her. The bedsheet and bolster were soaked with pee. Thankfully the pee did not permeate the mattress as I had placed a large piece of plastic sheet underneath.

The third day, Sherilyn demanded to sleep in mah mah’s bedroom upstairs. I had to be downstairs to watch over Baby, so I put a diaper on Sher, so my training went off-course.

On the fourth day, which is today, Sher requested to sleep on my gym mat, which is all the more better coz even if she had a pee accident, it would be easier to clean up the mess.  I woke her up to pee an hour after she had gone into her nap and she peed big time in the potty. I thought she had emptied her bladder with such a huge volume of pee but nope, half an hour later, she peed in her pants, aargghh!

Phew, it’s really tiring for me. Hopefully in no time, Sherilyn will be totally off diapers just like Alycia.
Still in a dreaming state and eyes half opened.

Sherilyn was really tickled pink with the car-shaped hard-boiled egg and fish-shaped hard-boiled egg that I made them for breakfast today.

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