Baby C Is Creeping

Despite having frequent UTI attacks, Baby C is one tough cookie who is as adventurous and active as her 2 boisterous cheh chehs.  Since last week, she’s been trying to creep on her crib.  So I dug out the old gym mats that I had previously bought for Aly and Sher to crawl and lay them on the floor for Baby C to practise her new found feat.  Boy did she love being on the gym mat.  She’s been eyeing to be on the floor with her cheh chehs for the longest time and finally her wish was granted.  When placed on the gym mat, Baby C started to creep backwards and side ways, which was exactly what Aly and Sher did when they were Baby C’s age too.  From backward creeping, they progressed to forward creeping and advanced to crawling.  Fyi, creeping and crawling are an important milestone and are very beneficial for the development of the baby’s brain.  I learnt that from a forum which preaches the teachings of Glenn Doman.

The 2 cheh chehs encouraging baby to creep.

Alycia was very protective of her baby sister and was worried that baby would fall and knock her face on the floor. So she lay nappies everywhere on the floor lol!

Alycia cheh cheh making sure that the gym mat was lay nicely for baby to creep.

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Shingles Or Herpes Zoster

Did you know that after you have had an attack of chickenpox, the virus falls asleep or dormant in certain nerves in the body? When the virus becomes active again in these nerves of a person after many years, the person will get Herpes Zoster Infection or Shingles. Often, only one attack occurs. If an adult or child is exposed to the herpes zoster virus and has not had chickenpox as a child or received the chickenpox vaccine, a severe case of chickenpox may develop, rather than shingles. When Sherilyn got bitten by the chickenpox virus about a month ago, she had a very mild case of attack. She appeared well, ate well and was just as active as before. I guess that’s because she has had a chickenpox vaccine when she was 1 year+ of age. Anti-viral medication such as Acyclovir is normally used to treat patients. This medication can stop the virus from replicating.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

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