Updates On Baby C’s Breakthrough UTI

Brought Baby C for her 4th dose of antibiotics jab via intra-muscular today.  As usual, she wailed her lungs out.  The dr. ordered another urine FEME test to see if the WBC (white blood cells) in her urine has dropped.  A urine bag was used this time.  I prefer this method of collecting her urine than other torturous methods like inserting a catheter into her urethra or carrying her with her legs apart (she hates this method though it’s not painful).   We waited for almost an hour in the hospital just to collect the urine…. and I had to nurse her several times so that there’s enough fluid in her body.

The urine test showed that the WBC had dropped from 80 to 10+, which is a good sign that the infection is subsiding.  But I’m still worried sick that she will get another UTI attack.  It really breaks my heart to see her poked many times when the dr. searches for a vein (in vain) and subsequently jabbed with very painful intra-muscular antibiotics jab each time she has a UTI attack.  I just have a feeling that she will get another UTI attack.  Oh boy, I am being very very paranoid and pessimistic here…… I must shake this thought away from my mind before I go bonkers! 

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