Happy Mooncake Festival…. I’ll Ditch The Mooncakes And Eat Water Caltropes Instead!

Just want to wish all my readers a very happy Mooncake or Mid-Autumn festival.

It’s another ordinary Sunday for us today. We skipped church today as Sher is still having a very bad cough and runny nose. Luckily Aly’s fever has subsided and I do not have to bring her to the paed’s clinic. I was worried sick when Baby C’s nose was slightly blocked this morning but thank God, she’s ok now. Almost everyone in the house is down with runny nose and a bad throat, except for my mil and me. I really hope Baby C won’t get bitten by the bugs. I’ve been stuffing myself with lots of fruits and veggies to up my immune system and hopefully, I won’t get bitten by the nasty cold bugs too.

Though it’s Mooncake Festival today, I’ve vowed to refrain myself from gorging on mooncakes as I’ve gained 1kg over the past 1 month from eating mooncakes 🙁   I just can’t resist the Shanghai mooncakes that hubs’ aunty made and the mooncakes that my sil bought from Peninsular Hotel, Hong Kong.

Perhaps, I’ll try leng kok or water caltrope tonight. My mil bought some leng koks from the market last week and we’ll be boiling them for Aly and Sher to try tonight.

Do these leng koks bring back some of your sweet childhood memories?

A close-up pic of water caltropes. Don’t you think that the water caltropes resemble black buffalo horns?

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