How To See Urine That’s Infected

I will be an expert in ‘analyzing’ pee very soon.  Today, I collected Baby C’s pee again for the routine FEME urine test.  One look and one sniff of the pee in the bottle, I knew it’s going to be fine…. and true, the WBC has dropped to 1-2 (from 10+ on Friday last week). 

For the benefit of other mothers with kids who previously had UTI, if you ever want to know if your baby’s pee is infected or not, just get your baby / toddler to pee into a transparent bottle. If the pee is clear (you can see by holding the bottle up with your hand against sunlight or just below the ceiling lights), then most likely, the pee is not infected.  If the pee is cloudy (with color like barley water or diluted milk) with lots of particles floating inside the pee, most likely your baby has a UTI. My pediatric nephrologist taught me this.  Sometimes, you will see some particles floating in the pee even if the pee is clear.  The floating particles could be some tissues from the lining of the bladder and does not mean that your baby has an infection.

To quell my phobia of another UTI attack, I will do this simple checking every other day.  It’s going to be very time-consuming as it’s extremely difficult to collect Baby C’s pee and troublesome but I will do anything to save my baby’s kidney from being scarred. 

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I Want Pink Hair Mummy!

I turned on the TV this morning as I sat in front of it and carried Baby C to collect her pee….. to be sent to the hospital for a urine FEME test.  I switched the Astro channel to Travel & Living and what came on was Anthony Bourdain and his travel adventures.  In that particular episode, Bourdain was interviewing a woman with punkish hair dyed bright pink.  Sher was also watching TV with me. She skipped school today as she’s still having a bad runny nose and I do not want to be an inconsiderate mummy and dump her in school and let her virus spread to other kids.  

When Sher saw the woman with pink hair, she kept bugging me, telling me that she also wanted to have pink hair *slap forehead*

Sher – Mummy, I want to have pink hair too… 2 colors… pink and brown….

Me – what? Only silly people dye their hair pink. Little girls can’t dye their hair pink.

Sher – I want….

Me – people will laugh at you. Won’t you get embarrassed?

Sher – No… I like…. I want pink hair… 2 colors (and showed me the peace sign with her fingers, showing 2!)

When Baby C saw Sher, Baby C smiled and cooed.  Baby C loves to see her 2 older sisters and will always smile and squeal in delight whenever she sees them.

Sher –  mummy see, baby also says she wants pink hair, just like me….

… and she went on to bug me for pink hair for almost an hour.

Later, I tested her….

Me…. later when daddy is back, I’ll ask him to bring you to the hair salon to dye your hair pink ok?

Sher then gave me a doubtful grin, stuck her tongue out and nodded her head!

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