Sherilyn Gave Me Another Heart-Stopping Moment

when I thought my ‘kwai kar’ (naughty brat) ate some poison!  On Sunday, I had cut up some fruits for Alycia and Sherilyn to eat for breakfast.  I then went into the kitchen to make them cute car-shaped and fish-shaped eggs using the bento egg moulds that I had bought. When I stepped back to the dining area, I was shocked to see Sher’s mouth…. all black!  Oh no, I didn’t bring out the black sesame paste and no, there wasn’t any black sauce lying on the dining table, I thought to myself.  I thought it was some toxic liquid that oozed out from a broken toy as there were some toys on the dining table, sei umm sei, she would have been poisoned to death I thought!

My mil quickly used tissue papers to wipe off the black dunno what from her cheeks and lips. My mil asked Sher to open her mouth and thank God, her teeth weren’t black. If they were black as well, my worry would have been confirmed, she ate poison!

As my mil was busy wiping Sher’s mouth, I was busy snapping her pix away lol…. see this blog-crazy mummy! 

In this pic, most of the black stains were already wiped off by my mil. There was a huge patch of black stain on her mouth area when we caught her in action.

I later found out that this brat used a black color pencil to draw on her lips, mouth, cheeks and what not, as if it were a lipstick and eye liner ….. and this ‘kwai kar’ brazenly, confidently and calmly denied everything when we interrogated her. All she said was “no, no, no, I didn’t” confidently, as if nothing had happened *rolls eyeballs*! Sher is such a sleek and confident liar!  The next time I apply make-up on my face, I better make sure that I don’t let Sher see me do it, else my cosmetics will be her next target!

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