Baby C Loves To Do Push-Ups

and she’s really good at it.  She now hates to be left alone on the crib and would always scream to get herself out from it.  The moment she’s placed on the gym mat on the floor, this little creeper will do push-ups and creep everywhere…. really fast.  Once I left her on the floor and went to the kitchen for less than a minute.  When I came out, half her body was already under the playpen!

The Superman pose…

The kodomo dragon pose….and she really does look like an iguana or a kodomo dragon each time she creeps and turns her body 90 degrees to look at us.

The fit girl pose, doing her push-ups…

and the cheeky look with a smack on her lips.

Baby C also loves to gurgle a lot. When she’s happy or cranky, she tends to babble “ang gurrrrr gurrrrrrrr…….. ang gurrrrrr gurrrrr” as if she’s rolling her tongue and trying hard to tell us something, which is really hilarious. 

Baby C absolutely loves to watch the VCD on ‘Your Baby Can Read’ by Prof Robert Titzer. Every morning as I take my shower, she would watch the starter video in my room. The moment she sees the kids on the VCD, she would smile and chuckle to herself, which I find really cute. When the words are shown on TV, she would stare at them with great interest and seriousness, as if she’s trying to absorb them.

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