Alycia and Baby C

Alycia and Sherilyn really dot on their baby sister and vice versa. At the sight of her 2 older sisters, Baby C will smile and squeal in excitement.

Alycia has been a very helpful assistant to me. Every night, she would help me entertain Baby C whilst I take my shower. Alycia can even help me hold the water faucet as I wash Baby C’s bum after she had done her poopie business…. and she knows how to hold the water faucet in such a way that the water will be directed towards baby’s bum and whichever part that I direct her to aim the water faucet at. Whenever I need to be away from Baby C for short periods, Alycia will help me keep an eye on Baby C and entertain her by singing to her, talking to her or just hold her hands.

Loving moments together. 

When Alycia was a 2-3 yo toddler, she was very mischievous, loved to throw tantrums, had frequent melt-downs and was so rebellious that I thought she would grow up  into a problematic child but once she turned 4 yo, she transformed into a very likeable child. 

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